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Easy Like a Sandwich Morning ..
Main feature image – Sunday sunrise River Stour – Green Wall Road – 17th July

July wildflowers – Green Wall Road.

Music Score – Smooth

I have spoiled myself today, having gone for two walks this morning and both before the extraordinary heats of the day settled into the wind.

My first and where these photographs are from was very early this morning when l set off at 4.45 am and didn’t get back till 6.15 am, so an excellent ninety minutes out and about by myself and enjoying the peacefulness of Sandwich on a Sunday.

It was a longer walk, the first one in a few weeks. The last time l enjoyed a long, relaxing walk – not being occupied with worms, composting, switching worms, etc. – was in late June. My walk took me along the Stour and down Green Wall road, back up on myself on the grassy side along the river, tacking on the Ramparts, and back home.

The second was with Suze from 7.35 to 8.15 saw us walking along the upper countryside pathway overlooking the Stour again. That walk is behind and above Gazen Salts, which was also very nice.

Greedy is what it was – but the UK has been experiencing unusual heat since June. It’s another heatwave, and only last Friday when the weather forecasters called out a Red warning – which means extreme heats are due this coming week.

It’s climate change here, and now the articles l read about it in the nineties are a day-to-day reality set to get worse. They’ll not get better, not in today’s world, irrespective of what changes governments make, not in my opinion.

I have watched the climates change and seasons disappear. As a youngster, the UK had four distinct seasons – spring, summer, autumn and winter – now, we have many microclimates in all parts of the country.

We had the chance to correct it, and we are still failing tomorrow’s generation – sod that, we are failing this generation too. I don’t like today’s world, and that is not me being a deliberate grumpy sod either, just a realist.

Only yesterday, l was discussing with Trisha how the arrival of the Internet changed everything, most of it not for the betterment of our world. Like most things, it has its advantages and disadvantages – but it also brings a lot of misery.

I don’t like society today; l don’t like how things are progressing in some areas too fast and in others too slow. I’m not too fond of the way we are constantly battling balance. The world is no longer balanced. We have too many minorities demanding to be labelled, and there is way too much injustice and too many and much in the way of people thinking they have the absolute RIGHT to do a, b and c and perform x, y and z. Whichever way they please!

Life was never easy, so this is not me looking through rose-tinted glasses, but life has become too bloody complex and complicated—way more than it needs to be. I dislike people and their attitudes toward the world, other people, and the environment. It’s almost like people are so sick to the back teeth of everything that they are either fighting or absorbing apathy in massive unhealthy doses!

Maybe l am a grumpy ol’ fooker! Who knows. Maybe l am just too cynical. Perhaps l am simply being me – a realistic saying it how it needs to be said. The world’s destroying itself, and it seems to have tripled its efforts in the last ten years. The twenties have a lot to answer for sure – but people, society, and governments still have brought this misery around.

Anyway, l have had two cracking walks today, and today is busy despite being quieter now the heavy work of worms and compost is sorted correctly. Of course, l had the actual harvests of worm farms 1 and 4 planned for mid-July and then 2 and 3 scheduled for the end of July, but with this weather, l said NO WAY! Let’s wait for the cooler weather and keep maintaining them.

Working in extreme heat isn’t good for them any more than it is for me – it’s easier to keep the worms cooler in their boxes, though, so that is one thing.

I have Mike [one of the Gazen Salts conservationists] arriving today to collect some finely sieved compost – l am overflowing with sieved content, and l need to offload half a ton before l start the worm harvest. I am saving him a fortune.

If l was a licensed seller of vermicompost [mixed vermicasts and compost], l could sell at quite a high price. I know the compost batch is excellent stuff this time as l mixed a great soil into it. But l am NOT a licensed dealer, so l can’t sell! I have to give it away. It’s something l want to look at, but first things first.

I need to move my compost operation out of the garden, and then l have to find a commercial unit for the worm farms. Then l can start to look correctly at licensing.

But Mike’s helping me out as much as l am aiding him and his allotment – he needs the content, and l need the freed-up space!

I am weary today but glad the compost bin is finally sorted.

Earthly Comforts is live in just under three weeks. Lisa assured me that stage 4 of the designs would be complete, which is excellent news. All l need to do is carry on titivating and completing my projects, and then it can swing into action – yay!


Thanks for reading, see you next time.

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Earthly Comforts is a wildlife journaling scrapbook focusing on the countryside, wildlife biodiversity and environmental conservation, flora and fauna volunteering projects, gardening, composting and vermiculture, inspiration, poetry and photography.

6 thoughts on “Nature Diary

  1. Lol – your subtitle 😄❤️

    90’s huh? What is your humidity level?

    I like hot, 90’s actually sound nice 👍 … but we are in the 100’s so 🤷‍♀️

    Get your speedos on lol … work on that tan. Get your vitamin D… blow up pools are awesome 👏 😉❤️✌️

    It’s funny sometimes I think of all those things and wonder if is just because I am older generation? Lol 🤷‍♀️ … am I seriously an old person?

    Well yes and no lol ✌️ … but yes I agree. If changes are not made and the world not going to actively fix or have actual concern with action

    Then yes – not gonna get better – too much all the time. There will be a breaking point…

    I do not carry much faith in governments, or people of power.

    Whatever – they don’t do anything so I give up on them… if you want change you have to do it… I dunno?

    Just live life and appreciate for what is – or try to.

    And then … if something important for you to teach or something you see you could make better? Do that.

    Appreciate you and your own life. Because you don’t know when that can be taken from you… so just make sure to be thankful everyday above ground lol ✌️❤️

    Don’t let the world crush your spirit ❤️✌️

    I also gonna comment on these photos so hang on one second … actually I be back shortly ✌️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can stand most heats, l love dry heat, but the problem with the UK is the high humidity Trisha. High humid heat is very unpleasant.

      Today the temperature in Sandwich from around 8am was already 26c/79f and then went on up to 34c/93f.

      Sandwich being a small enclosed town, the humidity levels become extreme.

      My walk this morning at 4.45 – 6am started at 21/70 and by the time l finished was then at 23/73.

      Where my worm farms are is in direct sunlight all day, when l was working them, l was constantly suffering with the higher humidity.

      Most unpleasant.


  2. Your serenity looks like a dream sequence photo 🙌❤️

    You would never remove me from that reflective bench lol ✌️

    The rest are very beautiful and peaceful too… but those 2 are my favorite ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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