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What a difference a week makes …
Main feature image – Rose of Sharon, Strand Street – 28th July

Bell Hotel – The Quay

Music Score – Urban

I have not been very well the last few days since Monday. I know l am still recovering from the mild covid, but in addition to that, the heat, the solidly challenging work programme with the garden, worms and compost, it’s been a hard push on my health, l guess since mid-June. It’s now taking its toll.

Sure, l can’t run before l can walk, but today was the first time l had been out for a walk since Sunday. Suze joined me this morning also. It was a shorter walk, but it took longer, and l only took a few photos; l was too knackered! Life huh? Murphy has a lot to answer for at times!

I am exhausted and feel dreadful. There is no more straightforward way, to tell the truth except honestly. I feel like shit, although today l am better than l was Tuesday but not as good as l was just Monday when l wasn’t poorly but majorly tired.

Tuesday witnessed the fourth major body attack since last October. I say ‘body attack’. Perhaps l should say chest attack. It’s like a heart attack, except it’s not. The first one l had this year was back in early March, then l had another in later April, and this last one was later July. There no true pattern.

I think it ‘might’ be an ulcer, l ran another test for covid, and it’s not that. It can’t be my heart because l would be deader than a dodo by now with the severity of these attacks. The sheer pain hurls me around the room in spasm after spasm. It’s pretty dreadful to behold. Suze has seen two; whilst she can’t do anything, it’s comforting to know someone else is present.

But the two, when she wasn’t here, were quite frightening, never mind excruciatingly painful. I thought l would die alone in the house during those times.

It’s like the worst case of heartburn you can imagine, then once you have imagined that, add to it extreme body hurling spasms … it’s horrible, and they leave you thoroughly drained!

The earliest l can see a doctor is the 18th of August, and I best hope l don’t perish before then because l am not voluntarily going to the emergency centres of the local hospitals with their waiting times of upwards of twelve hours. More people come out of hospitals in the UK now with covid than the risk they run of getting it whilst out and about.

No thanks, l favour life, not death – not yet anyway!

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Thanks for reading, see you next time.

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17 thoughts on “Nature Diary

  1. Yowzer, the ‘body attacks’ sound scary, and the fatigue, sometimes you just have to listen to your body and REST. (especially with this crazy heat wave going around the globe). For all that people complain about the healthcare system in the US, where I live it is exceptional. I was in the hospital for 6 days at the height of covid, pre-vaccines and I came out fine (except for what I originally went in for) plus, and you are not going to believe this – the food in the hospital was superb LOL Do take care, take the rest you need.

    BTW – I’m not much of a roses fan but if there must be roses then please let them be yellow.

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    1. Well l rest when l can and when my body forces me to. But l can’t rest for too lomng as there is to much to do. BUT, l am still taking a slower strategy 🙂

      Yes, l recall you once before saying yellow was a colour you enjoyed 🙂

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  2. Oh, my Dear, I’m so sorry to hear you are suffering so! That sounds so painful and frightening. I do hope you are able to get medical assistance and recover your health as soon as possible. I continue to hold you in my Heart wishing you well. 💞

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  3. No Bueno! ☹️ I don’t blame you for not want to go to hospital 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️ I certainly did not like my 1st emergency visit, or my 2nd emergency visit and admittance. All the dang poking and prodding and putting cameras in places 😱

    I hope slowing down helps. I completely understand how things don’t get done if you don’t do them. I was NOT pleased with the state of things after I was released from hospital.

    People will say “if you die, they won’t get done either” but I say “if I’m dead, I won’t care” right?!😂😂

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  4. So sorry Rory that you aren’t 100% yet. You may be having a gallbladder issue because that mimics both a heart attack and heartburn. Do ask your doctor for an abdominal ultrasound and also note the timings of the pain. It usually occurs a while after the meal. Fat triggers it. I hope you feel better soon. Covid is notorious for draining the strength and making people tired. Hugs

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  5. I’m so sorry to hear about your health issues, Rory! I agree with Sadje that it might be a gallbladder issue. I’ve known people that had gallbladder issues and also people with ulcers. Both can send your body into a painful spin. Plus, Covid is most likely making it harder for your body to cope. Don’t let your doctor rush you through your appointment because you’re just as important as the other patients. Take care.

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