The Adventures of a Worm Farmer

Entry 1 – 03/08/2022
An Introduction to the Adventures of a Worm Farmer!
I am proud to have worms!

Christmas Present 2018 – seemed like a good idea at the time ….
Even with the coir, instructions and worms set up, it still seemed like a good idea and a great present … l was wrong!

Whilst today l am an ardent and devout fan and supporter of earthworms, it wasn’t always as straightforward or as fun-filled for me to say such a thing.


I first looked at ‘worm farming’ as a ‘thing’ for me personally back in 2018 as an additional composting alternative. So much so was l interested that my partner, at my request, purchased an actual ‘worm farm set up’ Christmas that year. That was possibly one of the biggest mistakes of my life.


Commercial worm farms awarded me the most tremendous headaches and stress l have ever experienced with worm farming, which is why l no longer use purpose-built concepts. Don’t get me wrong, the idea of farming worms using a wormery doesn’t have the same effect on everybody, thank goodness. Otherwise, no one would ever practise the art of vermiculture.

The problem is simple – some set ups and people just don’t mix – the answer is even simpler, look for a set up that does!

I should imagine to some that the notion of me wanting to become a commercial worm farmer must have them scratching their heads in bewilderment! I only recently saw the eyebrows raise of a friend when l said l was looking at a business with worms.

In January 2019, he took me through multivarious hoops and loops to calm my stress with my worm farm and prevented me from going bald due to the amount of hairpulling l was torturing myself with!

The biggest issue back then was quite simple. The sods wouldn’t stay put on their so-called farm! Oh no! They insisted on escaping at every available opportunity! They continued to flee despite me following everything the guidebook suggested step by step in minute detail!

Oh yes.

So even l occasionally look in awe at the setups l have in place today for vermiculture and vermicasts and so on, to the point that l have genuine love, admiration, AND fascination for earthvormery at its finest which l assure you l NEVER had four years ago!

Now l do everything l can to have happy worms.

Today l am a very different man from the man in 2018. I am still learning, of course, and l will continue to learn till the day l die. It’s been a long learning curve and one that l have been all too happy to undertake.

Happy Worms makes for Happy Farmer!

It’s, in many ways, no different to my learning to compost experiences. I have been a truly dedicated and devout composter since 2016 with a passion. Over the years since l turned thirty in 1993, l have worked with compost piles off and on farms and horse yards, so the concept of creating something organically workable from waste has never been lost on me.

I have been working with and learning composting techniques and using the created and crafted content in gardens for six years with great results and praises from many gardeners who have also been using the product.

People used to laugh at me when l said the secret to great compost was ‘becoming one with your piles’ – l soon realised everything is usually about wording things ‘right’ instead of wrong!

Become one with your heap!

Reaped better results!

I first heard about ‘worm farming’ in 2002 when l had my commercial rodent breeding operations based on an old pig farm in Lincolnshire, and l remember thinking, What??

Who on earth farms with worms?

However, l listened to the farmer’s idea of utilising old pig pens and was impressed. Perhaps l should have jumped on board that idea back then, but hey, we each have to find our way forward in life on our thoughts, don’t we?

For me, it was to become an exotic livestock brokerage, not a vermicast farmer. So it is a classic case of 360’s in many ways.

The secret to successful worm farming l think is ‘being proud to have worms!’ Interpret as you wish!

Anyway, not to stray further and make this introduction too long. This ‘journal’ is about my adventures with worm farming from today, tomorrow and yesterday as well!

Thanks for reading

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