Coffee Morning Question Time

Do you think single socks miss their other half?

Interpret as you wish – but Do you think single socks miss their other hal
f – l was wondering that when you lose a sock in the washing does the other one feel the loss?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Coffee Cup – Free photo on Pixabay

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17 thoughts on “Coffee Morning Question Time

  1. I don’t wear socks as they feel uncomfortable too me. But my kids and husband do. At times they get mismatched pairs and sometimes one sock mysteriously disappears. The surviving sock sits by, lonely for a few days and when it’s partner is not among the next laundry load, I dispose it off. And guess what? The lost sock 🧦 appears afterwards!

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  2. Does any inanimate object have feelings? At first, I think not and then I think yes, but with exceptions. For instance, some of what we think of as inanimate objects have actually proven to have a life-force (energy field), such as trees, stones, etc. But far as I know, manmade objects do not have an energy field, nor are they conscious. If they are not a life form and are not conscious, they cannot have feelings. And so, I conclude, a sock is a manmade object and therefore cannot feel loss of a mate or anything else. (Actually, that is a pretty silly question, Rory! 😊)

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  3. In case socks do happen to have feelings for each other, I do my best to keep them together by sticking them in sock holders that go into the washer and dryer. No, seriously, the sock holders are for me to keep the socks together so that I don’t end up wearing mismatched pairs, since I’m blind. I used to believe as a child that inanimate objects have feelings, but not anymore. I do agree with the person who said stones and trees (which, though they may not be conscious like humans and other animals are, are certainly alive), do have energy.

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