Nature Diary

Looks like Autumn, but it’s not!
Main image – A winters day on the Butts? No, just late summer …

Spider Webs in the Fir Tree

Music Score – Moments – Morning Light Music

Morning sun through dying off Alexanders – Smyrnium olusatrum

I couldn’t help but think during the early morning walk today how, although we are only in August, because of the scorching weather we have been experiencing in East Kent over the last ten weeks or so, how very autumnal everything is and yet the official date for a start to that season isn’t for another four nearly five weeks.

So many leaves litter the grounds beneath the trees. You wouldn’t think later summer, but much later in the year.

We had rains last night, not a huge amount according to the water butt in the garden, but still a third was filled, but that can be used up in two evening’s watering.

We were told there would be thunderstorms this week. Mind you. It’s still only mid-week. We seem to keep missing it by miles. I came back to the UK after living abroad in Malaysia and Australia, which each have different climates from each other anyway, and back to England in 1977.

So as a teenager growing up in this country, l was used to seasons being specifically defined. Unlike Australia and Malaysia, which already had many microclimates in the late sixties and mid-seventies. Britain didn’t, yet forty-plus years later, and l was discussing this with Suze yesterday and another friend today how England now seems to experience many weather fronts. We have become a country of micro climatisation.

It used to be a season that was mostly three months long. Now, we seem to have warmer and shorter springs, more prolonged and hotter summers, milder and humid autumns and wetter and shorter winters.

However, we are still in summer, but it appears no one sent the memo to the trees and bushes that are displaying some fantastic colourings and dropping their leaves like it’s a new trend!

It makes me wonder what the actual winter will look like.

Looks like Autumn, but it’s not! The colours are lovely though.

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17 thoughts on “Nature Diary

    1. Hey Sadje, totally, globally climates are making different imapacts now to what was present 10, 20 and 30 years ago,

      I have seen many different changes to the seasons we knew as kids as indeed l should imagine you have.

      Nothing ‘s the same now.

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      1. Indeed it is all changing. Our winters have shrunk to a few weeks, the summer is almost 8-9 months and spring and autumn are just a thought in between.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Thank you, Rory, for sharing the wonderful photos of your lovely country side and the music.
    I’ve always thought spider webs amazing!
    I spied a teensy weensy wolf spider on our counter top last evening. I don’t remember ever seeing one so small. When I said Hello, she poised a second and then did a little dance for me. 😊 So cute!

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  2. I’m used to micro climates, but I have noticed the weather changes. They say we’re in a “La Niña” year, so the lack of rainfall is expected🤷🏼‍♀️ I do remember distinct seasons, yes, even in SoCal. I was attuned to the changes, but it does seem that Summer is the predominant season lately. We’ll see… it doesn’t generally ease off here until late October 🤦🏼‍♀️

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    1. This is fast becoming the new way forwards l feel Angie – the way of our world. Life was never easy, but it seemed friendlier on so many levels back in the 80’s and 90’s.

      But we were younger, our parents probably felt different.

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  3. I like heat

    But I have not started with hot flashes or anything yet so that could change lol ✌️

    The earth kinda has history of doing this – ice ages and global warming.

    I dread winter 🥶

    Liked by 1 person

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