Coffee Morning Question Time

Are you easily irritated by people?

If so what annoys or irks you the most?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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The Country Life Style Diary

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37 thoughts on “Coffee Morning Question Time

      1. Yes l also agree with that Renard. I am not easily irked by people, l can tolerate more than l used to. I think what frustrates me now is the lack of consideration for other people that many people display these days.

        I live in a beautiful town, and yet we have people who are oblivious to other people living here, it’s a lack of consideration.

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    1. Hey Grace, this particular series was created end June.

      As to how l am, currently not feeling great, but am busy and can’t be ill. I will write about the weekend maybe tomorrow after the dentists which is a significant problem to the current problems.

      The good news is l don’t have cancer or an ulcer, but l do have something they couldn’t see lower down. Have to wait for the next set of tests now.

      But l am still feeling pretty crummy after yesterday’s prodding.

      Aside from the usual pain, l am good, how are you ? 🙂

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      1. I’m my usual crappy self, pain is just a part of my life. Ah, yes, the dentist, that’s still in play, eh. Here’s hoping whatever is going on is an easy fix, unfortunate that it has taken 14 years (which is unconscionable!).

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      2. Hey Grace, it’s just a nightmare at present. I am off to the dang dentist now, got to try and convince him to extract what’s left in my mouth so l start to live my life again and get better because l can no longer afford dentures at private prices.

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  1. I try to live and let live… ride my Zen… but willful ignorance and entitlement bug the dog snot out of me.
    I try to avoid people, but I’m also friendly and will chat with anyone. I had quite a few chats today while waiting over 3 hours at my doctor’s office🤪
    Dentist? Another hurry up and wait🤦🏼‍♀️ I hope your waiting will soon be over. It took several months for me to finally get my dentures. I walked around with no teeth for quite a while. Ate a lot of soft food🤪 Still worth it, being finally free of mouth pain.

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    1. My dentist appointment is in an hour’s time, l had to cancel the last appointment on the 1st due to covid. But l am afraid l will not be able to afford a dentist now and especially since they went from affordable to private overnight.

      I requested having the remaining 13 extracted and just having dentures fitted, because currently having the two sensations in my mouth is sending my hypersensitivity through the roof -natural bone and denture are just not working.

      He is refusing to extract them, so l am not having fun, plus l have been ill the last week with the stomach issues which are compacted by my teeth problems. It’s not looking pretty now.

      Sliding down a forty foot razor using my throat as a brake has an appeal.

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      1. “Sliding down a forty foot razor using my throat as a brake has an appeal.”
        I totally understand this, but ya know Murphy would jump in and you’d wind up with an ugly scar, and probably a feeding tube in your abdomen and have to be on a respirator… in other words, worse off🤦🏼‍♀️

        It makes no sense at all for the dentist to refuse to remove your remaining teeth🤦🏼‍♀️ Aahhhh… unless they can charge much much more for building partial dentures to fit around, instead of just full upper & Full lower. All about the money 💰 🤑 💸
        If it hadn’t been for my settlement, I’d still be in constant mouth pain, with raging infections swelling my face so much it closed my eyes at times.


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      2. The dentist is going to have a battle with me, – l have three main areas of concern and the reasoning behind complete removal is 1] my overall health is currently seriously hindered by my mouth, 2] my autism hypersensitivity is struggling with two materials in my mouth and 3] l can’t afford his ridiculous charges especially now he has gone private.

        He either removes or finds me a referral

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  2. Hi Rory.
    I don’t suffer fools lightly, and I do find people irritating, especially those who come to our town, disrespect the residents, leave rubbish and dog mess in their wake, and are generally downright ignorant to other people.
    I’ve said before that I get on better with dogs most of the time and it’s true.

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    1. Hey Di, yes, l can understand those sentiments all too well and more so since moving to Sandwich. The tourist market is a terrible burden to this town. But so too are the BNB’s market. There are 52 in Sandwich alone and they care not for the actual residents of the town.

      I tire of people’s lack of respect for other people and the intrusions too.

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  3. I don’t get your posts, so I just happened across this today and it fit perfectly with what I wanted to say anyhow. I think I’ve just gotten to old to make new friends. With each passing year, I get more irritable with people. Ignorance grates on my nerves and let’s not even talk about the nutsy flat earthers and their ilk. So this was just the perfect question for today. Thanks!

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    1. You are most welcome Marilyn 🙂

      I wrote this just now on your post – it disappeared so maybe into moderation – however –

      Hey Marilyn,

      This is a great answer. My philosophy has always been being social is overrated anyway. I can relate to much of what you say and how you have expressed it. I have more patience with animals than people. I certainly am surrounded by more animals than people and l have a love and fondness for birds, squirrels and worms and everything else animal wise, but not so much human 🙂


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