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Aye Captain!
Main Image – Deal Castle

Sunflowers are always so welcoming and what’s not to love.

Music Score – Jazz Stomp – Morning Light Music

Microclimate sized refugias for hogs and insects.

Last Sunday, Suze and l visited The Captain’s Garden in Deal for the first time for their Beefest 2022 – Bee Festival – 10 am – 2pm. Strangely enough, we saw nothing whatsoever to do with bees which were one of the reasons we wanted to attend in the first place.

We have been thinking of getting some bees and wanted to talk to beekeepers first about the ins and outs of beekeeping – alas, no one was there at the time.

The Captain’s Garden is an actual community garden as opposed to an allotment and a partnership of English Heritage, Deal With It, Deal Hop Farm and local residents. Unlike Gazen Salts however, they are not open to the public daily and visitors are only allowed entry on Open Days.

Looking at their Facebook page, l see that their day attracted 260 visitors, and they managed to raise £466 for garden funds which is a tremendous total indeed. I hope our Open Day at Gazen Salts draws the same visitor levels and funds. We shall see.

However, failing to see the beekeepers, Suze and l thoroughly enjoyed a stroll through the gardens. We could do with one of these in Sandwich, but we don’t have one. We are still waiting for news on the potential of an allotment, but that now seems a very distant horizon concept. Life is filled with delays due to waiting on committees, politics, or the availability of services and decisions.

I can’t help but feel vexed at times by the tardiness of everything, never mind the state of the world today and everything else ongoing! If it’s not one crisis, it’s another, and the whole world is in trouble!

Walking through the loveliness that was the Captain’s Garden, l couldn’t help but feel that Gazen Salts, if it wanted to, could quickly achieve more ‘brand awareness’ if it only marketed the reserve in a more modern way than we currently do. We have been active for the same time as the Captain’s Garden.

It is a 1.2-acre private walled garden dating back to 1733 and used to be part of Deal Castle’s barracks under the command of Admiral Norris. It slowly developed into a military kitchen garden and then, through the ages, further progressed into a Dig-for Victory community allotment. Between 1948 and 1979, it was used as a commercial market garden, but when it ceased to operate, the park was abandoned and went unused and unloved until 2018.

In January of that year, volunteers from Deal With It, a green group of the town’s community and a few other organisations took the project on board. They started to recover it and discover more of its potential for growing again.

It was a lovely day for the walk also, not too warm and not cold, but just enough breeze to make it pleasant. It’s a shame they are not closer, as l was excited at seeing their compost heaps and how much work they needed.

There is a project currently being created in the reserve called Cottage Garden or Guestling Wildlife Garden that l am involved with, but l shall write on that later this week as that has a compost requirement.

Deal CastleThe Captain’s Garden
Admiral NorrisDeal With It

Designs – Earthly Comforts – Inspired by Nature – see collection here

There were also some quirky rhymes written by one of their volunteers, which you can see below, entitled “Rubbish Poetry.” This made me think about a new series beginning here in Earthly Comforts in October from The Country Life Style Diary.

These little ‘Rubbish Poetry ‘ displays were interesting but impactive.

Designs – Earthly Comforts – Inspired by Nature – see collection here

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All in all, it was a lovely morning outing and hopefully one of many more to come. I hope you enjoy the photographs and l’ll see you next time.
Thanks for reading.

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11 thoughts on “Nature Diary

  1. Ok bees 🐝… nope 👎 I’m out lol

    Worms ok – bees no…

    I know they good – but they hurt so no

    Plus never been stung ✌️ 🥇

    It’s ok with the world – just let it do it’s thing. Enjoy your walks and your world ❤️

    The world is always going to be insane – all the chatter makes it hard sometimes you need break from world.

    World is a lot to take. Agreed

    But is ok – love what you have while you have. It’s called the present for reason- live in your moments

    But then see I say that and that can also be bad?? Lol
    Be careful but love life have 🙌

    Don’t let the world rain on your happiness, make sure you self care yourself ✌️😘

    Cool poetry!! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah generally l agree with that philosophy, right up until governments start making life harder hahaha – like the energy crisis the UK is about to enter, that’s going to bring a lot of misery to millions.

      I take life for what it is and when l can though 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well yeah but those things are out of your hands 🙌 – nothing you can do but let happen and hold on!

        Enjoy what you have while you have it – know that can be taken in a moment

        Just think – can you yourself change that fact? – if not – just let the world figure it out 🙄😑

        They just like to put fear in people. Over everything

        When is life not hard or have misery?

        But I know what you say… again there is nothing you can do – let the pieces fall where they may.

        We can pick them up later 😊✌️

        Liked by 1 person

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