Coffee Morning Question Time

Is a life filled with compromise a bad thing?

Is there such a thing as too much compromise?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Coffee Cup – Free photo on Pixabay

The Country Life Style Diary

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Howdy Folks, Earthly Comforts is a broad niche wildlife journaling scrapbook focusing on the countryside, wildlife biodiversity and environmental conservation, flora and fauna volunteering projects, gardening, composting and vermiculture, also known as ‘worm farming and photography too.

24 thoughts on “Coffee Morning Question Time

  1. No, I don’t think so if it’s a compromise by both parties and not one succumbing to the thoughts/decisions of the other. Too much compromise and I think of OB who hasn’t got a pair since his second marriage as what she says, goes LOL.

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  2. I agree with Di, compromising is something both parties do so there really can’t be too much of it in this sense. If it’s not a real compromise though, there definitely can be too much, in that someone loses themself in the process of submitting to another.

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    1. Hey Astrid, very much so. I am a firm believer in fair compromise, but l think at times there is too much compromise in relationships especially and that can lead to other problems like depression and anxiousness as well as proving to be detrimental to mental health.

      I think the biggest issues are when a person loses their ‘self’ in the process of sompromise.

      Thanks for taking part and hope you are keeping well 🙂

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  3. Hey JB… compromise is good as long as one person isn’t always doing the compromising.

    I may be a bit MIA, houseguests arrived and chaos has increased exponentially. Zen is being tested, but I’m good.💌💌

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  4. Yes, I agree that compromise by both parties is a necessary part of a good relationship. However, if one is caught in a relationship where they must do all the compromising without consideration from the other party, that imbalance could lead to many negative consequences.

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  5. Life is compromise

    However – having said that … sometimes there are unbendable solid things …depending on what you can handle or what you ok with.

    Mostly is compromise, but is ok to also have something solid on.

    I compromise with life a lot!! Most is fine with me – I don’t mind.

    But I also have things I am solid with and can be deal breakers.

    Depends on what is thing to compromise on. There are many things lol✌️

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