Coffee Morning Question Time

Coffee Morning

When was the last time that you made a big decision but came to regret it almost instantly?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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27 thoughts on “Coffee Morning Question Time

  1. I make big decisions with information behind me and have not regretted them, except when we made the decision for our elder daughter’s marriage. It was a bad decision that ended badly. But it had a beautiful advantage, my grandson who is my most beloved grandkid.

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  2. I honestly can’t remember a big decision that I regretted. I’ve had to choose between the “lesser of two evils” and didn’t *like* my choice, but didn’t regret it.

    Why regret, when we can use an inopportune choice as a learning experience?

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  3. I like King Ben’s Grandma’s last line. Unfortunately I didn’t use any of my regrettable decisions as learning experiences and have a lifetime of repeating the same mistakes.

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    1. I think the truth is that we all make mistakes, l have certainly made many and l have in life one or two regrets – but l can’t do anything about them. They ahve changed me – spome have made me more positive, others wiser and others still cynical.

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  4. Big decisions require a lot of thought because they are, well, BIG decisions. So I can’t think of any really big decisions I made that I immediately regretted. I can think of numerous small decisions, though, that as I look back upon them, I wonder to myself, what was I thinking?

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  5. I also agree with Angie, Grace and Fandango. I haven’t regretted any decision and strive to understand the education each has presented. But, yes, I’ve made some doozies over the years that looking back I wouldn’t want to repeat. 😊

    Thank you, Rory, for giving us the opportunity to examine such questions and reach these mutual conclusions. 😊

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  6. Big decisions included first marriage (should have married the best man , he was taller LOL), first house with Hubby (hated it as soon as I walked through the door and we were stuck there for six years due to negative equity), and buying a Skoda Favorit estate car (stop laughing). Anything else was a mistake and bad judgement call, but not a regret.

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      1. We needed a bigger car and this seemed a good idea. The wheels were not the same as when I saw it, and the damn thing failed its first ever MOT on the steering, which made me wonder if it had been in a prang! I got rid of it and bought a Hyundai Atoz. That wasn’t bad actually and my introduction to power steering.

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  7. Take life as it comes, make decisions as necessary, and no regrets are necessary. Keep moving forward – life is too short to worry about what went before. Live in the moment, laugh about mistakes, and take joy in the everyday.

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      1. Oh well that’s fair enough – we all have ways and strategies to make things not so bad.

        I think many of us have regrets in life, but we need to find a way of accepting them, taking them as a learning curve and just moving on.

        My philosophy is, if it hasn’t killed me, l might regret it, but at least l am still alive.

        Both of my parents however dead and alive were and are not the same mentality. Regrets haunted them and made them bitter to life and people.

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      2. And that may be the best reason to leave regret behind – the ‘stuff’ has already happened, so why hang onto the bad stuff it did? Live this moment, rather than reliving those painful ones over and over.

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  8. Hmm 🤔

    Well… I usually don’t regret … because …

    When I make choices – I tend to analyze (possibly over analyze) pros and cons and think about everything – discuss with someone I trust?

    I will have gut feeling with if is ok for me or not…

    Sometimes I very nervous and on occasion I have to make fast quick decisions … I hold my breath and hope for best 🙏 Jesus take the wheel ya know

    If you gonna kill me just do it. But it doesn’t … yet

    Oh wait – I do regret something… I regret ever meeting Satan

    So maybe that ?

    Lol … I am like an onion – I have layers and if you see the layers you can see how get here – how it all occurred 😮

    But some things I do not speak of. ✌️

    So yup maybe that one thing?

    But life does happen for reason and gives you lessons so you learn how to survive, and hopefully be ok.

    Hopefully learn lessons

    But still would like to erase that one thing.

    But then … that lead me here… and I am quite happy as is. And my life is bright a lot … NOW… since I am away… it just blooms.

    So I do pretty good decisions.

    What are you regretting ? … what is your answer to that same question?

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    1. I don’t have any major ‘instant’ regrets, a few small ones that we all have in our lives.

      Like you, l could say the same about the devil l married and the mistress of hell afterwards, but they were n’t instant regrets but more ROTs – regrets over time.

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