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The Allotment Plotters – New Gardening Feature

Plot 17

Starting next week is the series The Allotment Plotters.

Yesterday afternoon l was granted the letting of Plot 17 sited at the Black Lane Allotments in Sandwich.

The plot is a decent-sized land area with 15 raised beds, a small shed and additional sowing and planting areas. In addition, considerable space is available for a large-scale composting operation, a polytunnel and a good-sized chicken coop. Suze and l are looking to introduce eight to twelve chickens next year.

The compost stations here in Willow Garden will be transferred alongside two new worm farms. 40% of what we currently have growing here will also be relocated to the allotment.

Plot 17 has considerable freedom regarding growing areas that are not all appropriately displayed in the video above.

The plot currently has various growings, including apples, pears, currents and multiple berries and melons on the fruit side.

Whilst Suze and l have experience with composting, gardening and vegetable growing as both a couple and independently, we have never had a specific growing area away from our house to focus, hone, and fine-tune our passions.

The series will focus on our journey and learning curves, trials and errors into self-improvement and organic sustainability.

Anyway, l will write on this in more detail and depth from next week.

Till then, thanks for reading, see you next time.

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