Coffee Morning Question Time

Coffee Morning
Do we ‘really’ all think differently or just think we do?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Coffee Cup – Free photo on Pixabay

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23 thoughts on “Coffee Morning Question Time

  1. Definitely we all think differently. The example is right here in my home. What I think is perfectly reasonable, my daughter thinks is an infringement on her privacy. We all have our unique way of looking at things and that reflects in our thoughts.

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  2. I hope we all think enough to know we think differently because we all experience the world through a single perspective – I’d hate to think someone else could think my thoughts! Creepy.

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    1. Hey Cage, l agree, we do indeed all think differently – we will share a percentage of universal sameness as in we have the same worries of sorts – but even those will be i nterpreted differently and thought over uniquely.

      Then we have thoughts which can only be unique to us and our immediate world.

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  3. I don’t know if we ALL think differently, but definitely some of us think differently from others. It wouldn’t surprise me if there were broad categories though ~ such as people who think in images, people who think in words, people who think mainly toward the future, people who think mainly about the past, people who think in terms of following rules, people who think mainly about breaking them, etc.

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  4. What, Rory, you really want to know all my thoughts in the comments so you could answer the question?

    Ha, ha, I’m pulling your leg, man.

    I think differently (to myself) on different days but it’s more of a comfort to find someone has thought exactly the same thing. It’s reassuring. But it can be a fallacy, if that other person is wrong about stuff too. I think as soon as you have a thought, it’s good to think of an opposite thought, and just keep thinking thoughts and not allow one thought to take root and obscure the light from newer thoughts.

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  5. I believe we all think differently. That’s not to say there aren’t people who are incredibly like-minded or share the same beliefs and morals, but all of us have our own unique thoughts and experiences.

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  6. I feel our thought process is as unique to us as our own individuality . We may agree on certain topics, or whatever, but our mental pathways of reaching that conclusion are different from anyone else’s.

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    1. Hey Betty exactly, we all have and share a sameness in attitude on certain subjects but how we got to the person we are today from young ensures we view everything differently to the next person, otherwise why have so many people on the planet if we all think alike?

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