Coffee Morning Question Time

Coffee Morning
Who do you trust more – your Doctors or your Politicians – why or why not?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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23 thoughts on “Coffee Morning Question Time

  1. OMG that’s like the WORST choice of things EVER!!

    I trust NONE of them!!

    Politicians – sketch and shady… always doing dirty things – lies whatever – they all suck

    Dr’s… I just don’t trust them for many reasons. Dealt with many personally AND at work!!

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      1. Our doctors don’t get paid by insurance companies either – we have private where patients for the care themselves and national – as in paid for in the main by general taxes and supplemented by national insurance payments.

        The biggest problems are an abuse of funds and the service is overwhelmed.

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  2. 😂 Why not add lawyers and make it a trifecta? Or car salesmen (or should that be car sales people?) and insurance agents? Hell, I don’t even trust myself…(It’s 5:23am as I type this, snark in the morning…)

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  3. I spend a lot of time selecting my doctors, and once I choose one, I trust him (or her). I also spend a lot of time researching politicians, but for the most part, I don’t trust any of them. They’re all ego and self-interests.

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  4. I wouldn’t trust a politician as far as I could throw him/her. They are all liars and cheats out to line their own pockets at the expense of others. They look after their chums while the rest of us suffer.
    Just look at our new Chancellor removing the cap for company bonuses……….. making fat cats fatter.
    Doctors, now that depends on a) the practice and b) the health issue.
    Our current GP is pretty damn good. Our last practice was dire and the Head Honcho put Hubby in hospital twice. Before we moved here, my cancer treatments were brilliant and I trusted my surgeon implicitly. I have moved my notes closer to home now and seem to be looked after by an equally caring team in the Breast Care Unit. Hopefully I will not need the skills of a surgeon here.

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    1. I agree with regards to politicians Di – they used to seemingly display they had backbone and honesty and integrity – not now apparently.

      Good GP’s are a much rarer commodity and more those who have not become cynical and burned out.

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  5. Here is my thought. Everyone is a self-interested and thus untrustworthy to some degree when putting your life in their hands. While there are some politicians that may be motivated by good-will, they are generally not the very successful ones. So you can’t trust them to get anything useful done (and that is giving them the benefit of the doubt, which they don’t deserve usually). I’m generally more inclined to believe in positive intent with doctors, but the impact of misplacing trust in them is much more meaningful than with a politician. A politician might tax you and arm or a leg, but a doctor might actually take them! So its a bit of a dilemma. But my heart lies with the doctor’s and I hope I never have to pay for this with a limb or two.

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