Garden – September – 2

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Main Image Willow Garden 19th September 2022

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Before and After
The shed at Willow is relieved to have had some of the pressure taken out!

Willow – Garden of Requirement
Part 1 – The Befores and Afters Before the After!

The untrained Willow eye wouldn’t perhaps see the changes to the garden, whilst the astute probably would, maybe or might do at a push, whilst the connoisseur or specialist most assuredly would.

Even then, the layout and maybe structure alterations would be considered minute unless the observer was 100% savvy to this particular garden and was familiar with all the nooks and crannies and, more importantly, how big this courtyard garden was before all the recent changes.

Still, this is not a post dealing with the remarkable transformation of Willow, more a case of part one of the before and the afters. Part two will probably be sometime either later this year during the winter season or perhaps in the spring of 2023. At which point the changes will be quite considerable.

Willow is a bit like the Dr Who Tardis. People have commented on her hidden talents before, “Wow, the garden is bigger than l thought!” or “Who knew you had all this space?” to “How on earth have you managed to fit all of this in?”

I answered, “Yeah, she’s a bit like the Room of Requirement from Harry Potter, you know that room?” And Willow is …. she is filled with secret space when you need it the most.

One of the biggest changes to date is how much has actually left the garden in the last week alone. If you didn’t know precisely how much was in the garden pre that week, you would be forgiven for thinking there isn’t much of a difference in these photographs. But Willow was almost at her absolute capacity and was getting to the point that something had to give or loads had to go! so thank goodness for Plot 17 arriving when it did.

Willow has served me well since l arrived here a couple of years back and started to add to her areas an array of items from more pots, compost boxes, worm farms and other samples of life beyond the average garden.

So now a good 80% of the extra trimmings to the garden are travelling down to the allotment, which currently is nameless, just Plot 17, which isn’t bad but a ‘leeeetle unoriginal’, but Suze and l did ponder upon a new name. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Once the bulk of that has moved, the time to move the plants and the various pots will come, and we have calculated that to be around 60% of the mobile garden aspect.

Then we can start to rearrange Willow into a more relaxing garden state. She can then relax, chill, and enjoy some slow, comfortable pottering from two weary allotment gardeners with some spare time on their hands. However, that time is yet to come and will probably not be until December or January.

15 Bags of Vermicast Before and After and below During…
Suze was a trooper this morning given how tired she is, we is, we are, but always in good humour, we haven’t laughed as much for a long time as we have done since taking on Plot 17!”
Plot 17 is taking most of our time, so much so, and as l wrote about in Nature Diary last week, we haven’t been enjoying our regular morning walks. I had two last week, and that was it, yet from Monday to Sunday, l clocked up 140,000 steps! My typical week usually has been totalled around 100,000. So, l am not slacking, and neither is Suze.

We wanted to get as much done as possible for two main reasons, 1] the weather is still mild, as in not genuinely wet. Although the temperatures are cooling, it is not yet freezing, and 2] because, from tomorrow morning, when Suze drives off towards Heathrow, she’ll not be back with any regularity for a good month.

Her daughter and the four grandchildren from Australia are visiting England for a month. They will be in North Kent, about an hour from Sandwich, so it is easier for Suze to come back for a break away from the madness of four grandkids than it was when she was in Australia at the start of this year for a few months.

Suze will try and get at least one day off a week, and she’ll need it because l watched how frazzled she was trying to sort out the things required to settle the five visitors on arrival. They all arrive early tomorrow morning, and Suze will be gone from here before half five on the drive to the airport then if it is going well. She’ll be back for a day sometime this coming weekend.

Before their arrival, she is already sorting out the food stores in their caravan rental. She will look forwards to coming down to the allotment for quiet time.

Her family are here till the end of October, and by the time they leave, l feel Suze herself will be in desperate need of some peace time again. So Willow garden and Plot 17 will be waiting.

I am unsure what will still need to be done in Plot 17, as l will be walking backwards and forwards myself in her absence to do the bits and bots required. There is STILL a fair amount to be done in recovery alone, but thankfully, the bulk of the heavier items to be transported down have now left the Willow garden.

A lot has been achieved with Plot 17 since we took the ground on the 8th of September, which is only eleven days ago today! A day that will go down in history as the date that Queen Elizabeth II died. So not easily forgotten.

And yet, like Willow garden, only those who knew what 17 was like beforehand would see the differences. There are many minor details to the allotment that even regulars on the land didn’t know.

Suze and l very early this morning before 8am were shipping bags and bags of vermicast down to the plot as she was away to watch some funeral procession with her cousin.

Today is the day of the Queen’s funeral and the town is deathly quiet. Both of them are more royalist than l am. After that, they will travel to the holiday rental, set up the food cupboards, prepare the beds, and make the holiday home more homely.

But that was 15 bags of vermicast shipped in the rental car, which is more like a Sherman tank than a regular vehicle, so that it could perform a lot of tough graft this weekend alone! There are only six bags of worm castings left to move, and there is a good chance they will ship down this coming Sunday.

I have a relatively busy week with the reserve on Wednesday, the Open Day on Saturday, and the doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning – the long-awaited dedicated follow-up to my endoscopy from last month. It’s only a phone call, but for some reason, they can’t even award me a time when it will be – just ‘sometime between 9-12, which mucks up your morning somewhat!

So on my calculations, l’ll not be back to the allotment until Thursday, which is a bit of a bummer. Still, hey ho, there is plenty of time to do what needs to be done, and according to the weather forecasts, we have sunny days till Thursday and overcast weather for the remainder of the week.

But it does mean that l, too, can have some down and chill time of my own and play catch up to things needing to be done here, which have been on hold for the last week. So all good.

Slowly and surely Willow Garden is becoming freed up from all the ‘other ‘ things she has had to put up with for the last two years, however unless you are completely savvy to this garden or take the time to study the alterations from previous episodes, she doesn’t look that different – but she is.

Thanks for Reading – See you next time.

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10 thoughts on “Garden – September – 2

  1. Your private garden is looking lovelier already – it’s going to be nice when it’s just a ‘delight’ garden instead of a ‘working’ garden…working gardens are for the allotment…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Grace, it’s certainly will be good for the garden to be returned to just a garden and the allotment a true working garden.

      Although four farms will still be present at the house they have to be otherwise the committee will wrongly assume we are running a business.


  2. Willow Way Garden?
    What kinda name do you name an allotment?

    Earthly Comforts Garden ? 🪴

    Yeah you expert level / I am novice

    You are way massively above me in gardening skills – omg 😮

    Liked by 1 person

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