Plants That Say No Go Buddy – Not On My Shift!

Predatory and Companion Plants

The beauty and benefits of companion planting. Techniques to introduce different flowers, plants and herbs with an attitude that can support and improve soil conditions, increase fertility, offer shelter and attract and repel insects simultaneously.


Chives attract pollinators and other great for the garden insects. The bees adore them in summer as the flowers are either purple or white, and they are brilliant for growing between plants and acting as companions for many vegetables. I used them quite heavily a few years ago when l tried out square foot gardening.

I have chives growing here in pots scattered throughout the garden. They are part of the genus of Allium with close relatives of garlic, shallot, leek, scallions and Chinese onions.

Many insects don’t like them so a great companion to use for pest control. The scent or aroma they yield and steer clear of any associations. Although moths and well moths seemingly love them, cats and dogs alike need to be wary as they are toxic. So always be wary of this fact.

Although many plants grow well alongside chives, not all do. Be mindful not to have chives growing near spinach, beans, peas, and asparagus.

10 Uses for Chives

Hope you enjoyed this article and l’ll see you again soon.

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4 thoughts on “Chives

    1. Hey Sadje, actually there is a difference between the two chives. You have common chives from the onion family and then garlic chives from the garlic family.

      Garlic chives are more garlicy than normal chives, and fare better if cooked whilst oniony chives can be eaten raw.

      Suze and l will be growing both types 🙂

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