Coffee Morning Question Time

On a scale of 1 – 10 – how kind do you think you are to other people?

What do you think?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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21 thoughts on “Coffee Morning Question Time

    1. I agree we shouldn’t judge, but we judge governments for empathy and their ability to show that to the world at large.

      Is it therefore wrong to judge people on the way they act towards other people?

      Would you judge someone’s bad behaviour towards others?

      Most of us would. Most people tend to not trust the kindness of people today especially in the world that we live in. It is cynical and untrusting.

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      1. I wouldn’t mind others letting me know if I’m kind or not! As for me judging others, that should not be my place to say what a private person is doing. For those we elect, it’s our right to pass judgment on them.

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      2. Well it was about your kindness. But are you saying those who abuse others are not to be judged? Do you not have an opinion of others whom are unkind onto others?

        We all do. We all have an opinion on others who express unkind behaviours towards others.

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      3. Yes we all do. But sometimes what we see is not what’s real. Many times people have other issues going on. But being unkind is never an acceptable behavior

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  1. I am very kind to others but I have never rated self before??

    I am good with comfort and making others feel secure and ok. I do not like to see others in pain or hurt

    I am extremely kind though … I have happy gentle spirit? Strong though, respectful – but strong

    I think I am very kind towards others

    I am extremely strong sticking up for rights or protecting someone who needs it – I am fierce there, and very helpful to others

    I want to always make difference for someone – I marking my world with kindness 😘✌️

    Although … maybe minus 2 points because if is Satan – I want nothing to do with and if has same name as satan I knew… I have aversion right away.

    But I’m not mean – I just stay away and be very silent

    So maybe 8?

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    1. Yes l am the same also Fandango – l am never unkind to anyone, l try to be kind to all l meet, but l think you would go mad trying to be kind to everyone especially strangers – so tend to focus it on who l know and care about.

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  2. Have always tried to abide by The Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” At this point in life, I can’t evaluate that, Rory. It’s just become an automatic setting, like on a thermostat. 😊

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  3. This is similar to accepting the response ‘I’m fine’ when you ask someone how they are. I don’t like the word ‘nice’ or ‘kind’. The words have no real meaning except to our own assessment.
    I’m not a kind person when it comes to speaking out against those who harm others. They have not earned the right to kindness, especially if they deny their role in the harm of another.
    So, my score?
    Can there be a minus?
    Although I have been a foster carer (to 32 kids, 30 of who where teenagers) – human and otherwise – and most people seem to want to hang around and talk to me, I can’t call myself a kind person.
    I can call myself a guardian, a ward, a protector. The one who walks into places where angels fear to tread, to face the monsters and bring light to their actions.
    Maybe the death of my daughter at the hands of incompetence – because no one spoke out against his harm to others – brings me to this point, and I lost my naivety of human ignorance then, too.
    My Chinese sign is a dog, which is very fitting, and yes, I bite, too.

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    1. I think it’s best to be honest Cage.

      As l have said to others if l had to l would put myself middle road. I don’t deliberately go out of my way to be unkind to people, but if l don’t know them personally l have no reason to be anything but indifferent.

      I was thinking this last night as l was reading some of the answers – l think it is virtually impossible to place a high number on this from a single perspective.

      All l know is this – most people are usually in the middle. But some like to be seen as higher, some like to be seen as humble and show as lower.

      Those without empathy from others like to be seen and read as much lower, but the fact is most who are not absolute bastards are middle of the road. Which would put them around five in this particular question.

      I am generally indifferent to people, be that the Aspergers or just a realistic outlook of keeping my sanity in check and not bending too far over as l have learned the hard way from being hurt and burned when l offer good intention to be cynical.

      Middle road score. Just like you.


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