Nature Diary

They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?
Main Image – The Butts/Ropewalk Ramparts connection.

The Ropewalk Willow lined avenue looking down on the Delf.

Music Score – Stay Positive – Morning Light Music

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Ducks enjoying the sun on the Delf along the Ropewalk.

For the last few weeks, l have not felt 100% tickety-boo. It doesn’t stop me from working, but it has made me think about it a little more than before. This is because if l thought l was busy before taking on the allotment, l wasn’t ‘not’ active, just not as busy as l am now.

You start to notice how busy you are when you are not feeling well. I can’t shake the stomach pain l have had for those three weeks and all the accompanying issues that travel with one. I manage, but it has been more challenging because it slows you down marginally.

This Friday, I have a complete blood count test by the doctors to determine the problem with my stomach. The next day, Saturday, l have an ultra-sound to see if l have some abnormal growth in my stomach.

Considering all the other annoyances l have been experiencing, l am wondering if the polyps have returned. That would explain a lot of the intense pain and discomfort. I had half a dozen removed in 2008 when l was seriously ill and losing weight like it was a new trend. Also, it would explain why trying to fulfil the doctor’s third request test is nearly impossible.

In addition, l have somehow managed to injure my left heel. I have intense pain every time l step on it, which lasts for several moments and then when l walk on it , and despite the theory of resting it, every time l do rest it, it is just more painful than before. I suspect l might have a touch of plantar fasciitis that would be about right in my world.

Add that to an ageing knee and, of course, not forgetting the 2018 shoulder problem l feel at times if l am falling apart. But with the heel l have to keep walking on it and eventually it sorts itself out until l stop again and rest – answer is don’t rest!

It always reminds me of that film with Jane Fonda and Michael Sarrazin titled, They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? Of course, they shot horses for way fewer issues than l have. I wonder if l should be put out to pasture and then think, well, isn’t the allotment just that?

Let’s not even talk about the continued nightmare with the dentists! I am starting to look at them as bastardos of the highest degree! Still waiting to hear about the solution for my mouth two weeks after my last appointment. It is disheartening and a little depressing, so l am glad l am keeping busy because if l was left to dwell on everything, l might just cut my throat!

Anyway, all that aside, l haven’t been on as many ‘pure nature diary photography walks’ for a few weeks now. Suzanne has been away from here since the 20th of last month, staying with her daughter and the four grandkids visiting for a month from down under. Although she was here last Friday on a well-deserved day off, l kept her busy at the allotment!

She might be on another day off this Friday, her birthday, or she might opt to stay with her family and enjoy the time she has left with them. They go back, l think, on the 17th.

But l have been walking daily, and l have had my camera with me. It’s just been taking photos of the allotment’s progress, which you will start to see today with The Allotment Plotters’ third episode as well as tomorrow. The allotment is roughly a two-mile round walk from the front door and back, so it’s a good workout walk as l also carry a rucksack with me every day, carting stuff backwards and forwards.

That extra weight being carried might explain the left heel also.

However, l did manage to get a nature walk in this week; l am averaging one or two a week, and the photos displayed here were taken on a Ramparts walk from last Monday.

I love this tree whether l am looking at it face on as above or from further away as below. It is a tree that has featured in many of the Nature Diary episodes from the time l arrived here in 2020.

It’s peaceful.

I hope you enjoy them and l will catch up with you again soon.

Thanks for reading.

Tree lined avenue Quay Walk off the Bulwark.

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  1. I love that top photo (feature photo?) b/w (or greyscale) makes it interesting…Everytime you write about your health care system I thank my lucky stars for my most excellent health insurance and medical facilities. Plus – getting old is not for sissies.

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