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Coffee Morning Question Time

Despite the increased rise in romance reality tv shows is this a true reflection on today’s society behaviour?

Is romance still a thing for today’s relationship?

Let me know your thoughts and comments below

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33 thoughts on “Wildlife Greetings

  1. Hi Rory, I don’t think that the romance as portrayed in movies and tv shows is very common in real life. Real life love is both a blessing and agony simultaneously. Of alternatively. But I still hold to my statement that we all need love in our lives. It could be platonic love for friends, familial love or romantic love. We may love our pets like family.

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    1. Hi Sadje.

      I was reading recently that in fact romance is dying and it was starting to disappear long before the arrival of covid forinstance and that the rise of the reality romance/love/dating’ show is making people think that there are perfect people out there for true love’.

      I believe that we can have a love for many things and that love is fluid as an emotion so it can be for the items you list and way more still.

      I think to have love is nice, but l don’t think it is essential to always receive. we can function without it.

      Perhaps this is an interpretation thing as in you see it as an A – B thing and l see it more as a B – A thing 🙂

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  2. First, I don’t think the majority of people ever engaged in the kind of lovely, courtly romance we see on the screen or read about in books. They were too preoccupied with surviving day to day. Today, maybe we (in some places) have more time and money to indulge in being romantic, but the arrival of 24/7 porn puts the kibosh on that for many ~ if sex is freely available in real life and on screen why should men do anything special to be romantic? Romance is something women enjoy more than men, and men engage in romantic behavior only when they feel they must. Nowadays women and girls will have sex without it, so why should men bother?

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    1. Hey Paula, very valid points and something l was discussing with Suze today on our walk – that porn as an example gives off the wrong impression for young people, mostly men.

      I read also that sex is on the decrease worldwide, as are relationships and romance and loving relationships which was happening long before the pandemic which many people lay the blame’s rest upon.

      I think many men don’t understand romance, but as much as they feel disinclined to exercise it, so too do women especially from certain demographs.

      Courting is a thing that also seems to have disappeared off the planet.

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      1. I also read that sex is decreasing. Could be covid plus fear of disease and/or pregnancy. In the US, many places are taking away women’s bodily choices. Agree that women can feel pressured to say things like “I hate Valentine’s Day” in order to sound more appealing to men who seem to mostly hate it. God forbid they should have to make an effort even one day a year!

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      2. Well precisely, which is what l was discussing with Suze this morning.

        Men think that the women they see on porn are real women and that all in real life women want to have sex like the men see on the porn screen.

        I was reading an article how young men between the ages of 18-24 are less likely to want a real time relationship with a real woman because they ‘don’t ‘ put out like the porn women do.

        The world is so misshapen now it’s quite worrying.

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  3. I have read that people are choosing not to enter romantic relationships. I don’t think romance is dead, but it depends on the couple. Romance is something both people involved have to keep up with. It doesn’t have to be spectacular. For me, it’s the little things. A forehead kiss in the morning, knowing how I take my coffee, holding my hand in the car, etc… Of course, I also get enjoyment t out of giving & doing romantic things for my partner, too.

    I think it depends on the couple…

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    1. Hey Kristian, l think it does come down to individual couples and how they choose to exercise it or not.

      Sadly however now the figures are starting to show a gradual decline in romance and relationships with many factors attributed to the cause ranging from unrealistic expectations of relationships, to as Paula stated 24/7 porn, to countless reality dating shows that take the sparkle out of dating, dating apps that are focused purely on the advertising of the dating app rather than focused on the success of couples, to social media to online gaming.

      Many people nowadays are quoting things like a lack of time to dedicate to relationships, falling in love and courting romance.

      I found it a truly amazing topic which stemmed from a conversation l was listening to last week.

      In the same conversation they discussed how parents of a certain demograph are no longer really exercising parenting for their children.

      It’s a strange world in which we live.

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  4. Hey, Rory!

    I find these questions difficult for several reasons. – One, I am of a different generation and from the deep south, USA and (it seems to be evident) still have a somewhat Victorian attitude about relationships – two, I don’t consider sex and affection the same thing, as (I have gotten the impression) younger people seem to do and three I consider affection and consideration a valid, desired and necessary part of personal relationships.

    Yet, apart from the obvious, I do feel rather qualified to respond, because of those very reasons. 😊

    From what I observe going on in today’s society, people are becoming divorced from their emotions, the young have become more attached to technology and virtual reality than other humans and it is becoming not only acceptable but preferable to live in self-imposed, isolated circumstances rather than in family, clan or group environments.

    I find myself uncomfortable to even think of this situation, must less address it, not because of the differences in personal choices where lifestyles are concerned, but in the very fact that it is a most dangerous situation when one thinks of what this will mean to the future of the human race.

    I remember finding one teenaged grandson’s attitude about his gaming shocking, because he evidently thought of the characters within the game as human – so much so that he seemed to actually be in love with one particular female figure. He literally spoke of her as a “girlfriend”. I said something to the effect that next he would be announcing their marriage and that I supposed virtual children would come next and his remark was, “Well, Grandma, at least I won’t have to worry about having to work to feed them.” 🙄 Romance would not be an issue either then, would it?

    But, back to the question at hand. Is romance still a thing for today’s relationship? I would think it is, but then, I am old school and still think of people as being humans that need to, require and enjoy being humans. 😊

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    1. Hey Betty 🙂

      I think, like you, also is the profoundness of what this means for the future of the human race. I have also heard of this love/romance concept of young gamers falling for their characters.

      I am a gamer myself, and in the 18 years that l have been playing World of Warcraft, for instance, l have known of six youngsters and one young adult who favoured their female ‘toons’ more than real women and or girls and classed them as the perfect species!? I was astonished and couldn’t get my head around their thoughts.

      Social media, dating apps, online gaming, technical digitals and so on have a lot to answer.

      Suze’s grandkids are over from Australia and are scared of all sorts of things, don’t like nature, don’t like being outside and only want to play with tech. This has been hard on Suze, who is very much an outdoorsy person and never raised her daughter to be afraid of being outside.

      Yes, l know they live in Australia, but so did l and l love nature. Yet, her grandkids are no different to many such children from a specific demographic of parenting. Issues like this spell more disaster for the human race than anything we as a generation have done, and let’s be honest, our generation hasn’t been great for the planet.

      But now, with all of this business of women and men not wanting to be involved with each other because men are blah blah or women are this and that … l am seriously concerned that in the next 100 years, if we have a population at all.

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      1. Yes, sometimes I find myself fearing it may be that some of the movies popular today are forecasting the future (like was the case with Jules Verne’s, “20,00 leagues Under the Sea” and submarines. or “Around the World in 80 Days” and airplanes), that humans could end up becoming a race of cyborgs, for instance. The best of two worlds? Who can say, Rory?

        Like my Mother says, “I’m not in charge.” That philosophy has gotten her to 101 years and at this stage of the game I can truly understand how wise that concept is.

        I have drifted off topic, but it is relevant in the respect that life changes over time. It is called Evolution, isn’t it? Yet I wonder, what good purpose it could have for people to become so immersed in technology. For today’s children are tomorrow’s adults and they are not being prepared for reality. When they become adults, who will take care of them in the outside world when their parents are gone?

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      2. As I think about it, Rory, it occurs to me that what seems to us will be such a different world probably won’t even faze them because they are conditioned for it. But we did do a good job of trying to analyze the situation, didn’t we?

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      3. Will they? Probably, but as l said to Suze the other Sunday, people of our age and older and a generation or two younger have led the best lives in the life we have had so far – for l do not fancy the life ahead of the younger generation from now.

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      4. I really don’t want to give up the Utopian dream, Rory. I want to hold on to that vision of a better world ahead. To have that happen, people will have to wake up and start making some major changes in government, medical care, education, etc., etc. Maybe I’m wishing for a miracle, but I would love to see that happen.

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      5. I get that people need a Dream a Vision or a Pathway to a better way – trust me l do. However l have come to the conclusion Betty that unless we are at the helm of that journey and therefore are making those decisions for betterment we just have to accept the efforts from those in power.

        So far despite warnings and forecasts governments and authorities still do exactly what they want and how they want.

        Look at Putin – a clear example of throwng toys out of the pram because he is not getting it his way. He will destroy everything to be champion with no thoughts to the world.

        There are more like him all over the world and some are in our own governments.

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      6. Your observations are justified, no doubt, Rory. I know we will have the battle between light and dark as long as we are in the plane of polarity (3D) because the whole point is the contrast. How could we learn the value of anything without having the opposite to compare it to? I just don’t like to go there mentally. I feel it’s like adding fuel to the fire, energetically speaking.

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  5. No … that is TV 📺

    Hmm 🤔 are people romantic – well yes … some …

    You have to be careful though because usually the ones who are good at being romantic are Don Juan’s

    Unless they have taken time to build a relationship

    I dunno 🤷‍♀️… raised Disney so 🤷‍♀️

    If you take time you see who sincere and who is not

    Also people have different ways of romance so you find your match – what you like – what is romance to you 🥰

    But never believe TV

    When I was little … my parents would always tell me nothing on tv is real – is all fake or scripted

    Except maybe candid camera ❤️ lol ✌️ why we not have that anymore???

    Probably because someone would shoot you, or sue you nowadays or something 🫤

    Does romance change over the centuries? Is society that directs what one believes romance is.


    1. Very true Trisha, society shapes how romance is or isn’t and that will have been the way it was since the dawn of true romance l guess 🙂

      Candid Camera was funny, we have something similiar over here but it’s not live TV like CC was. More videos called You’ve Been Framed

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      1. Yeah, society dictates how things are always.

        You just have to find your closest match 😉

        Lol … that’s cute! We do not have things like that except maybe MTV has some show called ridiculousness – but that bugs me sometimes

        I miss the original candid camera

        My parents used to love an English show back in day 😄😄 … Benny Hill

        I remember my dads laugh when he was watching it lol ❤️

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      2. Hahaha oh totally! People would just be up in arms over that – dissect it and ruin it, then cancelled 🙄

        But we have many American shows like that also… back in day was not even a thing … but now if release the old shows would be massive upheaval 🙄

        I used to be in bed already when Benny Hill would come on, but I would hear my dads belly laugh and sneak downstairs to see what so funny lol ✌️ they used to usher me quickly back to bed lol

        I was young … I can remember small scenes from what I see from stairs before they catch me lol ✌️😄

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      3. Totally… we don’t laugh at ourselves anymore … all serious and no fun

        The world is angrier

        So much harshness now

        This is why so many struggle mentally – world is harder – seems meaner

        But then the world demands more and more so ? 🤷‍♀️ and also all systems are crap, and we have crappy leaders

        Different world than used to be.

        Nice to remember with you! 😊✌️

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