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this dream, if you wish’
Main Image – Walker’s Bridge Haven Stour Walk

Curious mallards.

Music Score – Weekend Chill – Morning Light Music

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Haven Stour Valley Walk
Haven Stour Valley Walk

I had a lovely walk with Suzanne yesterday along the Haven Valley Stour – a tributary of the Stour River – whilst it was sunny and a shorter not-so-sunny walk with her this morning along the Ramparts around Sandwich. Today’s photos are from yesterday, with a couple from this morning.

Suze was here for the weekend most of Saturday and all day Sunday but travelled back to North Kent this morning. The family trip this time around has been much harder for her. It was hard being in Australia at the start of the year but this particular trip by the family to the UK has tired out Suzanne significantly. Her daughter and the kids all return to Australia next Monday.

I am currently sitting in the limbo arena of medical health. Last week l completed or performed all three tests that were outstanding or waiting to be actioned. Full bloods on Friday, Ultra-sound on Saturday and the urine plus test that had become two weeks overdue l managed to secure for Thursday.

Now it’s just a case of waiting – the waiting game begins again- l can’t ring until at least the 17th unless l hear from them first. But, according to the US team, they could see nothing wrong with internal organs, which is at least good. They said that the ultrasound couldn’t see everything below its area, and it couldn’t see internal intestine problems, which may well be further tests.

The dreaded colonoscopy was mentioned again. “Are you familiar with that procedure?” The lady asked me as she ran her probe along my chest, looking at my organs. “Yes, sadly, more than a little familiar with that test,” I answered. “I am not sure if l could work in that area; admittedly, l prefer what l do.” She said. “Well, if of any consolation,” I added, “l am not too keen on the whole shebang either.”

I lay there wondering how many little tubes had been passed up my bottom over the last nearly thirty years and touches of humour aside realised that the next batch, if there were to be new tests in the southern region, would be number 19. That’s a lot, and more so, for the medical profession to STILL be clueless about what is happening to me. 

The more l lay there pondering upon that startling figure. The more l cursed me for not investing in toilet paper stocks! I still didn’t have the heart to wonder how many hours l may have been sitting on the throne since 1993, longer than needed! I was already bummed out that l hadn’t invested in toilet shares! 

Oh well, live and learn.

There are to be a few tweakings this week in the blog – Lasting Thoughts season 1 ends this Wednesday but starts season 2 next week- Monday to Friday and the two other social calendar series, as l call them – Wildlife Greetings and Coffee Morning Question Time are merging correctly from next week. They, too, will run Monday to Friday only. 

Is it just me, but has WordPress performed another tweak of its own to the Block Editor, making it harder to work with post-dated content than it was? I have a lot of post-dated draft content and post-dated scheduled content, and for some reason, l can no longer insert new blocks into existing blocks mid-page, but now I must add new blocks at the bottom of the new page and scroll up.

If you don’t use the block editor, this will not mean much to you, and it’s not a generalised moan at the block editor as l am pleased with it as a function; I sometimes get a bit irked at its tweaks that don’t improve things.

I am nearly complete on Stage 1 of the Allotment clear, which is quite pleasing. I took the last weekend off doing any work, l had my hospital test on Saturday anyway, and last week had worked roughly 24 hours and was busy all the time. With Suze being with her daughter and the grandchildren since the 20th of September, l have been working down there primarily alone. 

Suze wasn’t feeling great on Sunday, so we both took an easy day, although we took a few bits down to Plot 17 yesterday, which means l don’t have to walk them up this week. I am also taking today off to catch up, make changes to the blog, and create content for this week.

But I will be back tomorrow. All that needs to be done now is tidy the shed and make room inside and out. Look for a good garden tool caddy to alleviate some of the already cramped space in the shed and move the hoes and rakes out. Sort out the rainwater harvesting area and try and figure out where the guttering will go and the new water butts. 

When Suze is back next week, she is to take care of the Strippers and prepare them for winter. I have ordered fresh soils to bulk up the depleted soils in the beds, and come November. We will both start adding the mulch to the beds and cover them again for the winter season.

I can start hot composting the twin tunny units, which have had a new compost being created since the 12th of September and will be getting very close to being turned by the first week of November. And set up the new tri-composting system.

Also, from next week, Willow bless her, who is starting to look like a jungle, can get some much-needed TLC and have plants and the such like transferred out.

Everything is all go of late, and despite aches that are aplenty with both Suze and l, including heel problems, pinched nerves, shoulder pain, and stomach issues, we still plug on. We still have this vision, this dream, if you wish, of where we want to be and how vital this plot is as it’s the start of the next step.

Just things take time. They always do. Don’t they?

St Clement’s Churhyard
St Peter’s Church

Thanks for reading.

Fuchsia’s overhanging on the Delf Stream

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12 thoughts on “Nature Diary

  1. So glad to hear you got the tests done, Rory! That is a major accomplishment in itself. Wishing you the best possible results all around, Dear, that you may fully recover and begin to really enjoy life once more.

    The plot sounds to be coming along nicely so far. I know it will be great to have Suze back, working by your side again. I’m sure she will be as happy as you are then, also.

    Your vision of the end results sound so wonderful! Of course, I wish you every success and I am happy for you to have such goals. It is when we stop dreaming and planning that we begin to get old. Have you ever noticed that in people?

    As for time, yes, it can be an issue, but I have read it is a man made construct – a means to divide segments of the present into separate parts. Can you wrap your brain around that one? 😊

    Right NOW, I don’t think I’d even want to try. Ha! Ha!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have actually read that about time before and it is something l can easily buy into.

      It would be very hard for some to perform that task though – we are schooled, educated and disciplined to Time from a very young age and so breaking free from the restraining ties would be a very hard challenge to overcome and yet many can and do, it is of course reflective upon how they view time, what jobs they hold and how much interaction they have with others.

      Are they dominated by light and day because if they can say nay to those issues, then those would already see Time as a very different concept already.

      Is Time as fluid as say Love? It could be and probably is. If we were to view time as a hippy or free spirited person would have done in the years before today then we too would also hold a different viewpoint to Time.

      Very interesting point raised here Betty.

      Hiw do l view Time? it’s my ‘time’ and l work to the beat of my drum but l recognise how others work their time and so l must conform when l have to.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I like your viewpoint, Rory and I’m so glad you have that flexibility to make of it what you will.

        I have conformed to Time when i had to, also, though it has been an issue for me all of my life. And, looking back, it seems to be a hereditary trait. 😊

        According to the theory of quantum physics, time is a part of the 3D construct and doesn’t exist outside of it. Indeed, a fascinating subject overall!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I have been fascinated with Time for years and years, how can l make the most of it, how can l bend it – to – can l bend it?

        The truth is – so many say ‘we don’t have the time to a, b and c and yet if they sat and thought how much time they wasted on a day each day every week and every month, then they would realise they have more time than they might think.

        I am trying to eek out as much quality from time as l can each and every day.

        Liked by 1 person

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