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Sharing My Autumn Stroll With You
Main Image – Fisherman’s Wharf

Fisherman’s Wharf

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Fisherman’s Wharf Marina Moorings

I went for a small stroll this afternoon once the rains had settled. It started to spit late last night, and when l awoke at four this morning, it dropped bucket loads. The weather forecast did say it might rain …. lightly. Mmm. Ok.

Anyway, l knew yesterday that l might not be going to the allotment today and yet, aside from last Sunday when Suze and l dropped some bits off up there, l haven’t been this week so far. My last active day was last Friday 7th.

I had a busy day at the reserve yesterday, which you’ll read about tomorrow, but l also thought l might have to take this week a little bit easier anyway. The reason being is whilst l am not in a lot of pain per se, l am in considerable discomfort below the pelvis on both legs. I am not yet crippled, but if l don’t start taking it easy, l might be.

My left foot’s heel is still painful, although not as bad. Only ten days after the sprain or injury, it starts to subside as intense pain. But l think l have a pinched or a trapped or strained nerve mid-thigh on my right leg, and my right knee is also acting up pretty badly. So now l am limping heavily on both feet. If it wasn’t so uncomfortable it would be bloody comical!

So on Monday, l agreed to take it easy this week. I was perhaps a bit too busy yesterday, but l haven’t placed any undue pressure on my legs aside from yesterday.

I am starting to feel ragged around the edges and older this week than last. I guess that comes from pushing yourself, forgetting your age and expecting your body to continue like a young thirty over a later fifty! My body’s telling me l have limitations and reminding me to be mindful of them!

So this morning, l told me to scrap Thursday and Friday from the allotment and start fresh Saturday. It’s not like l have much left to do of any significant significance in this current stage. The shed needs tidying up and reshuffling and space made. The raised beds need new matting and pinning. But with the weather forecast too bad also tomorrow – why rush?

It’s to be drier on the weekend, plus l have deliveries coming in tomorrow for the allotment, so l may as well ride it out and, as said, walk up there on the weekend.

It’s not like l don’t have anything to do – l have content to create for publishing till cows drop out of my ears. I could quickly write fifty pieces over the next week alone for the current series without denting the long-term content creation strategy, so l am not short of things to occupy my brain.

But l must remind me that despite the awkward gait l possess at this moment that l still must gift myself walking time even if a little bit painful. Otherwise, these damn ailments will not ease up. To keep moving – like fetching the coffee grounds from the cafeteria and not forgetting the committee meeting tonight.

So these photographs are from my walk earlier, and l was pleased to see that autumn was officially and finally naturally here, and l thought l would share them with you too.

Thanks for reading.

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17 thoughts on “Nature Diary

  1. Lovely autumn pictures, Rory. I haven’t learned to do so, but my Dad could distinguish the variety of trees at a distance by their shape. It always amazed me.

    Yes, our bodies do tend to let us know when we are over exerting ourselves and need to take a break. Do hope you recover quickly and are able to resume walking as soon as possible!

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  2. The ‘pinch’ may be impingement of the artery where it rides past the hip. The pain isn’t felt there, but in the upper thigh and, due to the restriction of blood flow, feet and ankles. This usually occurs on the left side for a right-hander, and then the right leg/hip overcompensates (yes, creating pain on that side).
    I don’t know that there’s anything to be done about it except using a walking stick to maintain balance and possibly fitness/lean muscles (as opposed to bigger muscles, which cause more impingement – do you have a well-muscled butt? If yes, I have no idea how to change it to lean-muscled – but if you do, I’d like to know, too!).

    Liked by 1 person

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