Coffee Morning Question Time

When was the last time you giggled and then exploded into fits of laughter and what caused it?

Oh one mustn’t laugh at another’s misfortune and yet despite stifling a giggle sometimes you can’t control yourself …

What do you think?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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The Country Life Style Diary

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16 thoughts on “Coffee Morning Question Time

  1. A young lady tripped as she was getting on the bus and came and sat down beside me opposite my brother in law and his wife, as if nothing had happened. I got a terrible fit of the giggles (looking back, I can’t imagine why) and by the time we got to the next stop all four of us (including the lady who tripped, thankfully) were in fits of laughter. A weird experience to be honest.

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    1. Sometimes the nature of the dance isn’t it. Last year l watched a guy slip on ice and land with a crunch. He got up and said “Didn’t hurt l am fine !” looking at me and l couldn’t help but giggle and then the pair of us were laughing.

      The way of the dance 🙂

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  2. Just this morning on the phone with my son, we shared a good laugh at ourselves. I don’t even remember what it was about now, but it turned a day that had gotten off to a bad start around for the better for both of us. 😊

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  3. Oh blimey. The giggles are hard to stop once they really get a hold as Ex Partner would definitely agree. Inopportune moment I know, but something happened that made me giggle at the wrong moment and the more I tried to stifle it, the worse it got. When the laughter exploded, the moment was completely lost, he was not amused and the neighbours asked me the next day what was so funny because they’d heard me laughing……….. four houses away!

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  4. I don’t laugh at anyone else … bad karma … and you do not know if could be you one day

    So hmm… what was last time I laugh hard with someone…

    I have this amazing … and when I say amazing … I mean beyond words …

    Admin assistant – she is incredible and we ride same wave length – we work hard and also laugh hard ❤️ she is worth her weight in gold!! ❤️

    I’m very thankful to have her beside me ❤️

    Without her … it be miserable!!

    Some people just light up your life ❤️

    I trust her because we are on same wave length – I know she is good person ❤️ she’s amazing – Makes me laugh all the time ✌️

    Not to mention helps me handle everything ❤️ first time ever they give me assistant ❤️

    She is really white like me and freckly and also red haired lol – so that is also funny lol ❤️ she’s amazing ✌️

    She is smart and also dedicated to profession and helping people ❤️

    She’s very serious about job and I love that ❤️ she also has amazing sense of humor!!

    But many funeral people have incredible senses of humor ❤️

    Is because every single day we see life and death. So funeral people are incredible and amazing – I love my people (most except maybe one ✌️😄) one is an asshole ✌️😉

    There is always one in every bunch ✌️

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