Plants That Say No Go Buddy – Not On My Shift!

Predatory and Companion Plants

The beauty and benefits of companion planting. Techniques to introduce different flowers, plants and herbs with an attitude that can support and improve soil conditions, increase fertility, offer shelter and attract and repel insects simultaneously.


I used to grow a lot of Dill and Fennel that are very similar in appearance, but they are pretty different. This article covers Dill.

Dill is said to taste like Fennel, although in my opinion, l would say it is more like maybe celery and anise.

Dill is a great companion to the brassicas – so Brussels, cabbages, broccoli, and the pests that bother these are repelled by Dill.

It can live near tomatoes, but l would say plant the herb to a pot only, which can be moved and not in the same ground as the tomato plants. The reason is that as the Dill herb matures, it can act as a growth preventer to the existing maturing tomato plants. So have the potted herb with the tomatoes only for a short period.

Dill is a great herb to grow and cultivate for the kitchen and is equally effective against the likes of aphids, mites, snails and slugs, BUT one needs to be mindful where the Dill is placed as it is beneficial and detrimental at the same time. Research thoroughly.

15 Incredible Dill Benefits

Hope you enjoyed this article and l’ll see you again soon.

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