What are the benefits of worm castings?

What are the benefits of worm castings?

In straightforward terms – the castings are a richly nutrient-worm poop — the result of the digestion process of the worms as they break down the material fed to them. The castings are filled with organic material and organisms.

Earthworms are a considerable benefit to garden soils – they create air space in the dirt, allowing air, water and valuable nutrients to aid plant life. These benefits are the run-of-the-mill attributes of having worms in your soil, but worms also greatly benefit our gardens, plants, and vegetables in other ways, notably through their castings – their poop.

Worm compost’s beauty is that it won’t burn plants like other organic composts. You can mix vermicasts with your garden earth, your potting soils, or your homegrown garden compost, top dress it like a mulch around plants, vegetables, and fruit trees and sprinkle it directly on your lawn.

You can even make worm tea from the castings. The tea alone has many benefits ranging from introducing microbes that help to repopulate the soils to working as a preventative measure against diseases with a nutrient-rich booster, aiding pollutant soils, and helping with improved soil structure. The list is quite long. You can help your garden by applying worm tea every couple of weeks.

4 Prime Benefits of Worm Castings are:

Above – A handful of vermicast – a beautiful crumbly nutrient rich mixture comprisiing of organic matter which is the end product produced by worms.

Worm castings create a fabulous potting soil mixture for seeds and young seedlings as they help to promote plant growth.
A nutrient-rich organic fertiliser that can also be made into a worm tea.
The castings improve the soil’s structure, lessen soil compaction, and improve moisture levels with increased drainage and aeration, as well as helping to improve the balance of pH.
Using worm castings in your garden in your soils or with your plants helps to improve and increase microbial activity, encouraging plant growth.

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