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Those itty bitty weeks
Main Image – Autumn Greens and Browns

Betwixt and Perplexed squirrel – and l know how he feels!

Music Score – Point of View – Morning Light Music

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Fall Leaves and Benches

This week’s been one of those types of weeks. I can’t say much more than that aside from l have wanted to do more, yet the weather has wanted me to do less.

In some cases, the weather has won.

This morning was my second walk of the week, but l still have the weekend to come.

My FitBit has been telling me off for NOT doing the required steps, and l have been telling FB to shut the eff up, or it’ll end up in the trash. I could easily throw away the dang thing, l tire of being manipulated by a wrist gadget. It’s a toss-up between throwing it away and allowing the white flesh band to grow back to normal colour or continuing to wear it and ignoring its banality beeps. I will opt for the latter. For the time being.

Suze was back this week, having had the daughter and the grandkids return down under on Monday gone. We were at the allotment on Wednesday putting up the new New Zealand trio compost system. But that was the first time at the allotment this week since last Sunday. Hopefully, again this weekend, we might be able to get a day down there.

There are things to be done.

I was at the reserve on Wednesday working on the last quarter of the dirty building, as l have started to nickname it. I think the last part of the hut was the dirtiest of the lot. It had less amount of ‘stuff.’ but the lesser stuff was an even odder assortment of things, and yet it had enormous piles of actual dirt and dust.

That’s because it was a remote part of the building. Most of the space was hidden away in the corner behind the doors.

Worse than that, no one wanted to assist with clearing the last bit of the building because of the dust and dirt! Combined with a lower volunteer attendance and other jobs being performed elsewhere …

I work well by myself, so l wasn’t worried, but there were a few things l would have liked some help shifting, but l managed with the sheer dumbness of brute strength l possess when needed.

Now l need to – l say l, of course, there is no I in team, except when there is no damn team! So l will, for the moment, say I need to start the whole procedure again next week.

The biggest problem with volunteers is that they are volunteers, so there is no need for a dedicated commitment. Therefore, unpaid volunteers have no reliability regarding who is present and when. That can make everything a little frustrating at times.

The truth is Gazen Salts, as much as l love it, has become a bit of a thorn in my side, not the reserve but the committee. I think they are handling things pretty badly. But that’s not needed to be discussed today.

However, l believe that maybe come the start of 2023, l will be leaving the reserve. It pains me to say this, but l think it is true.

The allotment can keep me busy; l could have also coped with the reserve. After all, it’s currently only one day a week, but the lower attendance and the lack of the warden and a committee dragging its heels make everything a bit much at times.

Time will tell. Everything is reliant upon that commodity.

The country is a mess, the UK is about as ununited as it could be, and l don’t believe l can agree to say Great Britain as there is nothing significantly great about the kingdom! The politics are a joke, and whilst never being an actual political pundit, l think l would be happier living on a remote island away from the maddening crowds of absurdity and maybe even more comfortable without the internet.

People, society and people again do my nut in! Let’s not talk about the dentists [again] nor the shape of the medical industry either, shall we?

However, l will soon put the world’s wrongs to the right as I start work on sieving the compost. Yes, that will make me calmer.

As I said, it’s been one of those itty bitty weeks!

Bowling Green bench and flowers.

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