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Walking around Sandwich and the surrounding countryside as l do daily, weekly and monthly, I take several thousand photographs. More authentic reflections of quantity might be closer to 3500 assorted photos digitally taken monthly once all the poorer quality ‘click images’ are extracted.

Of this figure, ten to fifteen per cent, are held back in folders and will be used in the blog’s gallery features, prompts, or published articles.

My main focus is wildlife, so flora and fauna mostly, but also l have a hankering sometimes for unusual shots, or things of a quirky nature. 

It appeals to my sense of humour, and sometimes these ‘strange’ shots are edited and kept for a ‘rainy day’ gallery or a prompt in the future or because l just like them, and they might make for an interesting themed gallery, pretty much like this series. 

Not all the galleries here will be specifically themed all the time. They might focus on specific events or moments that were happen chanced upon or simply hold a fascination for me.

Hope you enjoy the series
Main Image – Garden Dahlia

Music Score –Take My Time Morning Light Music

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Blooming Plotters

These photographs are from September and October from the various plots on the allotment. I would stroll through the pathways connecting the plots and snap away. At one point, there was incredible vibrancy and colour to see. Bees, bumblebees, and butterflies were having a field day, yet l couldn’t capture them all. A few, perhaps but not all.

I am also looking forward to Suze and l having our colourful displays in the Earthly Comforts plot next year. But for the time being, here are some of the genuinely beautiful blooms l have managed to capture over the last six weeks.

Bumblebee on Lilac Asters

Left to Right 1 – 10
Yellow IrisSalviaRaspberry
Opium PoppyNasturtiumMullein
Meadow Crane’s BillIrisHollyhock

Purple Top Vervain


Left to Right 1 – 17
HollyhockHollyhockGarden Dahlia
French RoseGarden DahliaFrench Rose
FoxgloveFrench MarigoldField Thistle
Common GladiolusXXXCommon Elder

Bengal Rose and Bumblebee sharing a moment.

Left to Right 1 – 9
Chrysanthemum and DahliaCommon ComfreyBroadleaf Woodsorrel
Bladder CampionBlackeyed SusanBlackberry
Bengal RoseTreasure-flowerAnnual mallow

Thanks for reading – see you next time.

Designs – Earthly Comforts – Inspired by Nature – see collection here

Published by The Autistic Composter

Earthly Comforts is a wildlife journaling scrapbook focusing on the countryside, wildlife biodiversity and environmental conservation, flora and fauna volunteering projects, gardening, composting and vermiculture, inspiration, poetry and photography.

6 thoughts on “Theme Life

  1. My moms favorite flower was always the black eyed Susan’s

    My dad loved annuals – he was KING of annuals – our yard looked like HGTV – he was one with green thumb and gardening became one of the hobbies he got into when had cancer – that and he had a HUGE beautiful fish tank with all kinds of tropical fish 🐠

    He did gardening and fish lol

    I love jasmine for its smell ❤️ but I do NOT love that it attracts bees and hornets – nope!!

    I love sweet smells and spider repellants 😘😄👏❤️ preferably without attracting massive bees and hornets! 🐝

    You have very beautiful flowers in your area!!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Well I can handle some, just not hoards! I would love to have Jasmine but way too much bees 🐝

        How does marigold do with bees?

        I can handle a few pollinators but don’t want hoards of them.

        I don’t wanna be trapped inside due to bees 🐝 but a few is ok.

        Liked by 1 person

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