Best of the Month

Quay Walk – Sandwich
“You don’t waste October sunshine. Soon the old autumn sun would bed down in cloud blankets, and there would be weeks of gray rain before it finally decided to snow.”

Katherine Arden
 Small Spaces

Best of the Month – of October 2022

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”

L. M. Montgomery

Anne of Green Gables

Music Score – Oak WoodlandMorning Light Music

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Welcome to Best of the Month

I take hundreds of photographs each and every month – either out and about walking around the town of Sandwich or around Kent county where l live, whilst in the garden or the allotment or even when volunteering.

I take photographs of all sorts of things as well, from the typical and the normal to the more unusual or the quirky to the ‘ooh that’s different’.

This series is literally about moments l have captured during my travels whilst out with my cameras that l thought other people may appreciate also.

I hope you’ll enjoy the series.

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October 2022
I just loved the contrasting elements of nature here – the wall, the leaves of fall and the colours beyond.

October has been a busy month. A physically demanding and draining month. The allotment saw me a lot at the start of this month, then Suze and l a lot from the middle of the month, but the walks around Sandwich have seen less of me and the cameras. Even the reserve has not seen the cameras that much on account of working inside a building for the entire month.

For October, whilst l took photographs every day, many of which you have seen in various posts published this month, l only took a few nature walks around my town and the surrounding areas. The pool, therefore, for this month’s feature was slimmer than in previous months.

Although admittedly, there have been more ‘flowers and blossoms’ this month than the previous month’s publishings of this series.

The last two weeks have been challenging, and as Eugenia aptly commented a few days ago, sometimes the attitude to adapt with some projects is “git ‘er done”! So that’s what we have been doing, especially this last week and possibly next week too!

The photographs l have included for this month are all from this month and are appropriate for this month, considering how very mild the temperatures have been. We have been able to hang washing out to dry in the garden for all of the month, which is quite unusual, but a bonus too.

Of course, the garden, like the allotment, is changing daily, as you will see in episodes of Willow Garden and The Allotment Plotters, both during November.

On that note, l do so hope you enjoy the selection l have for you today.

In Nature …
Strutting Mallard Drake

Daring, Dashing and Jumping Moorhen

Nut chomping Eastern Grey Squirrel

Freshly emerged after a morning paddle from the Delf Stream and Glossy, a beautifully coloured male Mallard.

Around Sandwich ….
Sun Arise early in the morning on Fisherman’s Wharf

Haven Stream Bridge

Early morning walk along the Ropewalk

Dahlias on the allotment …
A wonderful boquet of garden dahlias.

Garden Dahlia

Dahlia spp., Dahlia hortensis, Dahlia pinnata

Selected Best of October Photograph

It’s not lost on me that the BOTM photograph l selected for September was the bright orange berries of the Rowan tree, and here l am once more choosing a gorgeous and vibrant orange blossom belonging to the Dahlia. My love for the colour orange has now returned.

There are thousands of dahlia varieties, and it is a flower l have come to truly admire this month, especially as there is so many present where l have my allotment. So much so that l am taken by this charming blossom that l have decided to plant several varieties next year. They are available in many, many colours, but not blue.

The Dahlia – Dahlia pinnata – is the national flower of Mexico.

The flowers were initially classified as vegetables by the Swedish botanist Anders Dahl, and they are said that their edible tubers taste like that of potato and radishI am unsure if that is true or false, but l ‘ll let you know next year.

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26 thoughts on “Best of the Month

  1. Your photos give me the lovely sense that I, myself have been walking. I’ve always wanted to grow dahlias! I look forward to hearing if they’re tasty too. Thank you, Rory ☺️🌷

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I will let you know if I give dahlias a try! I’ve seen them here both as seeds and as bulbs/tubers, I think and I imagine it would be easier to grow them from bulbs. ☺️

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Rory even though I can’t keep up with all of your posts I am really enjoying your new blog. These photos are fabulous! We have had a lovely October as well and I’ve tried to take advantage of the great weather. Looks like it will continue into the beginning of November as well. I grew some pink lemonade dahlias this year – light pink blossoms that faded to yellow in the center. They were pretty but I think I like your orange better.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Ruth, l have a confession … l love this blog, It is so much more me 🙂

      Thank you.

      I know the lemonade pinks – they are a lovely pinky orange, very slight blossom colour l have seen them on some of the plots up on the allotment 🙂


  3. Haven Stream Bridge is frame worthy!!! Very beautiful!! ❤️ like a Thomas Kinkade painting ❤️❤️❤️

    So tell me…
    What are some ghost stories of your area?? Looks like could be ghostly lol ✌️ with your history has to have ghostly stories

    You must!! What is the local lore? You see or feel spirit?

    How old is your home?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Goodwin Sands? Lady Lovibonds? Legend has it that a ship named Lady Lovibonds was wrecked 6 miles off shore of deal in 1748… it is said that every 50 years the ship can be seen with an eerie glow.

        Dover Castle?? That place has TONS of ghost stories

        Ellington Park? The site of the Rookery (I had to look up that word… odd) … was once a manor where a wife stabbed her husband to death – it is said that she can be seen running from someone ?

        The Woolpack Inn? The Grey Lady – she is seen walking about the building – but is known for being friendly lol

        There are many more near you… you can find and hunt or haunt them down here:

        Who is Edward?

        And that would be incredible – I bet the homes have such character and detail and obviously very well made 😮

        Back east there are homes like that… not so much out here on west coast

        Mine is from the 1980’s lol ✌️

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ah, but those are stories from outside Sandwich.

        Ghost stories will always depend upon a person’s interpretation. Years ago l used to be a ghost hunter and so l investigated many cases and not everything is as it seems 🙂

        Goodwin Sands has as much controversy attached to it as it does ghostly story 🙂

        Edward is my next door neighbour, our houses are attached 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I’m totally sure Sandwich has some!!

        Gallows field and the guild hall (which is now your museum) are said to be haunted lol – those are in sandwich yes?

        Yes it will depend on interpretation and experience

        Yes – that is very true … not everything is as it seems … but sometimes can be unexplainable

        Goodwin Sands? Oh? What is the controversy?

        Ahhh ok… he sounds nice to be helping – you have a nice neighbor

        Me too ❤️👏 my neighbors are amazing – they watch my house and take care of me with packages or something I can not do… they are amazing

        Liked by 1 person

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