Garden – October – 3

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Main Image Willow Garden 28h October 2022

Thursday 27th saw yet another transfer journey in Belinda from the garden to the allotment which was the bags required to set up the final parts of the compost bins alongside some other bags of green waste of ours and the neighbours.

I take in a lot of waste from the neighbours – be this kitchen scraps, tissues, cardboard, coffee grounds, fallen fruit, or green wastes – everything has a home or a location with regards to recycling – composting, bokashi, worm farming – something can take it in.
We managed to set up the final sections of the compost system. I did have new tarpailins for lids to fit but the courier failed to arrive, but once they are here – the lids will be a lot more secure and tidier. However now l have six boxes of which four will be active compost producers.

“”One Long Continuous Day!!”
Thursday 27th, Friday 28th and Saturday 29th
Part 3

Main Image Willow Garden Friday afternoon

[Really starting to see a huge difference in space as we reclaim more of the garden back and ‘things move around’. It looks sleeker.]

I am typing this post up for Monday morning on Sunday morning. Sitting here yawning my head off due to extreme tiredness, smidgens of fatigue ever-present and having been present since probably late May when everything started to get busy with the gardening+ projects, as well as attempting to recover from getting up way too early due to the clocks going back. I always have issues arise with this changeover.

I was, during the spring and summer and most of the autumn months, managing to rise at 4 am and retire for the night at 9 pm; however, for the last six weeks, especially since the arrival of the allotment and becoming exhausted, l have had to throw that routine out of the window and replace it with a more realistic pattern again for the winter months.

So now l retire for the night at around ten and rise again the next day at six. I can maintain this pattern, given my tiredness. Yet having said this, l still struggle to fall asleep before midnight and wake up before six! My head will not calm down quickly. It’s alive with thoughts.

But l have been non-stop busy this week. Admittedly we both have. Suze is as tired as me, maybe more so because she has this flu bug doing the rounds for nearly two weeks now, which can knock the sufferer for six! I have also been busy with the reserve, and l am still working on the building.

In other news, briefly, l attended my third committee meeting last Thursday – l am not on the committee. Still, l would like to be, although l think they are seeing me maybe as a Trainee Committee member or just a Trustee or something. Hard to say precisely what the officialdom of it all is.

Anyway, not wanting to stray too far, whilst l am not yet a warden, l am the new and first official Quartermaster to the building l am sorting out. As well as Volunteer Co-ordinator for the volunteers and, to round it all off, Social Merchandiser or Notice Board Window Dresser! I will explain that in due time. But currently, my leading role is getting this damn building sorted out and items made available for sale.

The sale will likely be in January sometime because only a few volunteers want to help! Meaning, it’s just me sorting through it. No mind, in my other role, l will start to delegate soon enough.

But this last week has just been all go. I think back to Garden – October – 1, and l displayed a small pattern of:

1] Willow Garden
2] Plot 17
3] Worm Farming operations
4] Composting operations

Yet the reality of that alone is more like:

1] Willow Garden
2] Plot 17
3] Composting operations
4] Worm Farming operations
5] Composting operations
6] Willow Garden
7] Plot 17
8] Willow Garden
9] Plot 17
10] Composting operations
11] Worm Farming operations
12] Allotment Gardening

That’s probably more realistic, and an even more basic understanding is written simply as “One long Continuous Day!”

I am sitting here typing this post and waiting for the unforecast rain to stop falling so we can get on with the worm-switching. We just want to crack on because we are getting tireder and can feel in the air that the weather fronts are about to change significantly.

The more l do this mini-harvesting. The more l realise that for the worm business to be successful, l have got to have a purpose-built worm farm constructed and curse me for not having a better knowledge and grasp of carpentry!

The more l muse on this, the more l realise l must accept the adage of ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day!” However, Suze and l have decided to find someone who can create the new worm farm to our specific specs next year. For the time being, we will have to muddle through. It’s not like we don’t have things to do to fill our days or our long continuous days!

Friday 28th saw another convoy involving our car and Edward’s car of worm soils and bagged composts bound for the allotment. The beauty of this particular journey is that this is the very last of the heavy soils to leave the garden for the allotment.

Next up l should imagine sometime next week will be the five bokashi tubs and once they go up to the plot, it’ll mean l start the four new batches of hot composting. Turning the pile every three days to build the heats up to that magical 180 degrees fahrenheit. In compost land that’s hot!

We started the new worm farming switch.

After finishing at the reserve on Saturday, Suze and l began the mini-harvest of worm farm 3. The point to this is to move the two bigger farms across to the other side of the garden so thta we can continue to reclaim the garden.

This is very tiring and both back-breaking and muscle straining as a task, the last harvests were performed last August so whilst vermicast is pulled off, it is in a much slimmer quantity than previous harvests.

However in order to progress, this has to be done.

Thanks for Reading – See you next time.
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  1. You and Suze are amazing, Rory! I don’t know how you manage all of the work you do and still find time to blog about it. Good luck with your quests and be sure to get some rest.

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