Sharing the Wet Patch!

Plot 17 – The Earthly Comforts Garden

Recovering Plot 17
Sharing the Wet Patch!

I sometimes find that nothing quite beats a quickie in the morning; of course, it can have its downsides, and one is usually the wet patch!

For the last couple of days, Suze and l have been working in the garden at Willow. It’s been on the books for the previous few weeks, thankfully, we have had a nice break in the rains for the last couple of days, and

as is typical, you find yourself getting as much done before the weather breaks again. The weather centres tell me that good blue sky weather is here to stay till Monday. Then we have a cloudy day then the rains will recommence on Wednesday.

This means that we must crack on and get as much done as possible here in the garden and at the allotment. It also means that as we work in Willow, more journeys of stuff must go to plot 17.

We have picked up bits, garden waste, plants, shreddings, and kitchen wastes found in the bokashi bins. To jog your memory, the bokashi composting system is a small 25-litre bin with kitchen wastes inside, not just ours, but also from two of our neighbours.

The wastes are covered in particular bran; the lid is shut tight, and these wastes will sit and ferment. They will also produce bokashi juice, a marvellous fertiliser that stinks to high heaven, especially when they are filled to the top and have been sitting fermenting for maybe ten days.

This morning, Suze and l decided that we would plan a quickie run to the allotment to take down some surplus wood, bags of green waste, fencing wire, coffee grounds and a wheelbarrow we just bought, and two full fermenting bokashi bins.

A small plastic tap is attached to the front of the bin where the juice can be syphoned off. Whilst the faucet is an excellent fit, it only takes a little to knock it out of its fitting.

In addition, yesterday, Suze and l had our fourth covid jabs, the booster shots. This time, it’s been plain sailing for me with no side effects, although my left shoulder is okay. If l outstretch, there is some pain. On the other hand, Suze doesn’t have any side effects, so that’s good, but her left arm is excruciatingly painful to the slightest touch or bump.

So this morning, before we had breakfast and started day two in Willow, we loaded up the car, back seats down, everything is in comfortable, and Suze said she could get the two bokashi [stinky bins] in her vehicle on the right-hand side behind the driver’s seat. Great, no problem. She is sure despite her shoulder being a bit painful. It’ll cause no trouble.

There was some heavy wood in the middle of the back, and the wheelbarrow was on top of that, so quite a rigid unmoving obstacle. Suze got bin one in with ease, the second bin; l could hear her grunting with the exertion; l thought maybe her shoulder was causing some grief.

Suddenly the following cries are heard throughout the street at eight o’clock in the morning on a quiet lane. “Help me, help me, quickly, quickly, it’s leaking, it’s leaking! It’s everywhere, and it stinks. Oh, help me, it has made everything so wet!! It’s in my bag. It’s on my coat, oh no, it’s everywhere, this sticky mess!!”

It was all action stations as l looked across at Suze wide-eyed and terrified and saw the sticky and stinky bokashi juice running down the back of the car … luckily, we have the foresense to have a groundsheet on the seats and a cloth on top of that, but where the tap broke off was right above her handbag, right above her coat, right behind the back of the front seat where she would be sitting.

We got the offending bin out, and luck was on our side. The damage wasn’t that bad. It probably wasn’t helped with me laughing like a hyena [well, that is my laugh] and trying not to, but watching Suze looking mortified at the prospect of Belinda stinking as though a skunk had sprayed her!

It was all sorted out, and we started our journey, but l was still laughing. Heck, l am still laughing just thinking about it. The offending bin stayed at home. But as we set off out of the lane. Suze looked downhearted and stressed, so l thought a laugh would make her feel better. Being comical, l laughed and said, “it could have been worse. You got to laugh, right?” With that, l tapped her on her left shoulder and .. “aaaahh!!”

It just wasn’t a good Suze morning.

I am still laughing. It was just so funny.

Thanks for reading – l’ll catch you next time.

Published by The Autistic Composter

Earthly Comforts is a wildlife journaling scrapbook focusing on the countryside, wildlife biodiversity and environmental conservation, flora and fauna volunteering projects, gardening, composting and vermiculture, inspiration, poetry and photography.

22 thoughts on “Sharing the Wet Patch!

  1. On Covid shots – I had 2 … and now I’m done with their bullshit. – no more, done with it. Done listening

    Awww poor Suze … it does kinda sound like a Chevy Chase type movie lol

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Lol – that is perfect description for you both 😄

        Ya know there was that video in the European vacation that Ellen did and Clark forgot to erase 😄😄

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hahaha awwww …

        We always posed 💁‍♀️ lol

        We were always taking huge family photos involving a tripod lol 🙄

        And they constantly snapping photos

        Always!!! We would pose or make funny faces – there were also candid photos

        My entire life and my entire families life was totally documented lol

        Well as far as embarrassing goes lol – omg the styles of the 80’s and 90’s lol so maybe that???

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Well that is terrible – that is not very nice … not funny at all

        I would be mortified if my parents did that! They would never think that was funny.

        That would have me on guard with them… aww sorry they did that

        Liked by 1 person

      4. See I was a child that you could not do those things with cause that would have told me “fair game” / “game on” lol

        I would have waited for the supreme moment and surprise – Lol … see how funny is

        My grandfather used to lovingly spank my grandmother …

        When I tried it I got in trouble 😄😄

        But you can not do things in front of me and then say don’t do this

        Their behavior would have egged me on to get them
        Lol 🤷‍♀️ I would have had fun trying – it would have been game on challenge

        They are very lucky I was not their daughter

        We woulda had some really awesome pics lol

        They just needed to have a child who tested limits lol ✌️😘 that was me ✌️

        Liked by 1 person

      5. My sister and l tried friendly revenge tactics but it was a different case when you have vain narcisstic and at times aggressive parents. My father was very competitive and not wanting to EVER be outdone if someone pulled a prank on him he had to go the extra layer of get you back syndrome.

        Mum was a spiteful woman who was volatile and if you ever caught her on a bad day she would whack ten barrels of beer out of your ears!

        Once l remember when l was 12 or something, l was in Australia and l used to watch Wacky Races and one of the sayings from Dastardly was ‘Drat It and double drat it!’ I used to say this all the time and laugh like Muttley.

        My mother used to think l was saying Rat Shit and even though l told her and showed her countless times what it was l was saying, one day she flipped and hit me around the head with her left arm and it hurt her because she broke her wrist on me. Thinking l was then to blame further she continued to thrash me with her now broken wrist and caused more pain until her arm blew up like a pumpkin and she had to stop.

        This is what l dealt with as a child from my parents, so my sister and l learned to be submissive to their whims and ways.

        Liked by 1 person

      6. Very true – when you deal with a narcissist- is different story.

        I’m sorry you grew up with that – is hard.

        You grew up to be a very decent and good human being – so you were able to escape the torture and turned out ok

        Yes it has effects but your life in your hands now – not theirs – your life is now your own ❤️

        Best thing ever is to get away from toxic. Life too short for that.

        I’m sorry they weren’t more tender and loving

        Liked by 1 person

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