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“I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.”

Stephen R. Covey

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The Woman I Am

I have always been taken
with things that have age
and history…
It is not growing older
that bothers me
but the realization
that time is fleeting
and fickle
and ephemeral
And I know
time is also precious
and with age comes wisdom
and I have learned
what is important
As a child
I hid parts of myself
even from my own eyes
I would wrap myself
in a towel
just to walk
to my bedroom
from the shower
and I would change my clothes
 under the bed sheets
ashamed of my early development
Now I walk from the shower
to my bedroom
wearing nothing
but the lavender oil
that anoints my body
And I am proud
of the woman
I have become
for I am the daughter
of Larry and Peggy
and the granddaughter
of James and Dorothea
Guy and Virgie
and the sister
of Jason
You see, these people
helped shape
the woman I am
their blood is my blood
their particles are my particles
and my heart beats to their rhythm
And to hide any parts
of myself
would be
an injustice to them
So I will stand
as proud as the lavender
that basks in the sun
and blows in the wind
before becoming the oil
that anoints my body
And on this day
of my birth
I will bask
in the sun’s rays
and feel the wind
on my skin
because what is important
is family
and love
and making the most
of fleeting
and fickle
and ephemeral time

Ⓒ Kristian

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Chinese-plumbago and Caucasus catmint

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