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Main Image – Quay Lane looking wet, dank and bleak after heavy overnight rains.
Friday 18th November

Bleak Days Age You!

River Stour on high flood tide

Music Score –Take My Time

Fisherman’s Wharf
River Stour Marina

I am still determining the exact rainfall amounts for this last week, the previous two weeks, or even November. I know Kent has experienced flash floodings, l know Scotland is experiencing severe flooding, and l know that the River Stour has been exceedingly high on the banks on all the rivers and streams this week.

I also know that the large central pond in Gazen Salts was close to causing floods on the reserve, and water had to be ‘let out through the sluice gates of the reserve, which is unusual. We often let water in off the Stour to replenish the streams but not often out.

I also know that a couple of days ago, the water figure being bandied about talked of Kent experiencing fallen rainfall measuring 100mm to 150mm of rainfall this last week alone. In old-school money, that’s just under six inches of water. But how much rainfall has the county had since the rains started at the beginning of this month with a vengeance?

No idea.

But l’d say – A lot.

Suze and l have yet to be able to go out with any frequency regarding walking because the moment there is some drier weather, you take advantage of it in other ways. Our spare moments are in the garden or the allotment and not so much dedicated to walking.

From the beginning of November to now, we have only enjoyed five country wildlife walks. It’s been like this since we took the allotment on board in September, and everything gardeny [yes, my word] has had to be performed with more commitment than we were actioning on before. We have had more deadlines needing to be achieved because of the poorer weather.

Whilst l have been outside every day during the month working in the rain and taking photographs with the cameras, l have yet to take any specific nature snaps. Those days will return sometime, l feel in February. I am not worried. It’s not like l am NOT photographing anything. I am just not taking many relaxing walks.

There is no pleasure in walking in heavy rain in the UK; it’s my opinion. It is usually freezing this time of the year, and the temperatures dropping are doing themselves proud to prove the theory that freezing rain sucks.

It’s very different to walk in the rain in warmer climes. I remember, as a child walking in Australia during the showers and back then in the early to mid-seventies, that was relatively pleasant. I also remember walking in the rain in Malaysia during the monsoon season, which was enjoyable as it was warmer.

But as l have aged and am ageing – age as a subject is causing me to become achier. Young muscles and fibres are no longer as young as they once were. I have had a hard life, and whilst l have never led or lived a sedentary lifestyle, l have always been on the move from a young age l have been known to have been accidental or clumsy. They resulted in more than the average break and strain. I don’t think l have arthritis, but l suspect l probably suffer from tendinitis in my joints.

I don’t have as much bounce as l used to. I am sorer these days; l creak more. My lower back isn’t as springy as it once was, my knees no longer have great joint support, and my body struggles with generalised wear and tear.

So walking in the rain for the sheer delight of being able to do so because you can, doesn’t appeal.

When you have a dog, well, that’s a different story altogether, they need to be walked, and you must become an all-weather and terrain walker. But l am no longer a dog owner and or walker. I do exercise, or instead, l am busy with activity, as l wrote only the other day – being active doesn’t mean squat when it comes to formal disciplining with exercise.

I often think about how l will tackle the easing of all the pain. I am still trying to figure out the answer to that question. Aside from the absolute obviousness of not making yourself be in pain. Well, my lifestyle currently doesn’t aid that. The best l can hope to achieve is not being clumsy as l used to be. I am better these days – l look where l am going and what l am doing.

That’s a start.

Anyway, the photos present in the galleries are from the walk Suze and l managed to take last Friday morning before the rains started again for the day. We had had hefty rains all week from Tuesday, and Sandwich was looking quite bleak colour-wise.

Thanks for reading. Catch you next time.

River Stour

Both of these images show the increased height of the river. The image below is showing the river at a height of perhaps 2 feet to its normal height on the banks. The top is maybe three feet higher than normal. The top is the Stour going out to sea.

Designs – Earthly Comforts – Inspired by Nature – see collection here

Published by The Autistic Composter

Earthly Comforts is a wildlife journaling scrapbook focusing on the countryside, wildlife biodiversity and environmental conservation, flora and fauna volunteering projects, gardening, composting and vermiculture, inspiration, poetry and photography.

18 thoughts on “Nature Diary

      1. Omg 😄😄 I have never heard that!!!

        Omg … lol … so cough and see if you make it lol

        That is a little bit humorous to me ?? It struck me weirdly

        If you having heart attack call your emergency number immediately! – what is England’s emergency number ??

        Ours is 911 – what is yours?

        Well you gotta keep pumping that blood, even if just a little

        If you make it through heart attack you better change ways – definite message from the heart ❤️😘✌️

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      2. Lol … your number is 999

        You should know this – do they not make a big deal of it?

        Is weird because is a lot of my parents generation coming in 😮 their decade 😮

        Is the baby boom generation so are many or seems that way

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Well l used to know it was 999 when l was younger, but by 2000 things changed and the new 111 number was introduced.

        In the emergencies l have ever encountered l have called 999. But about 10 years ago l called that number and was told off and told to call 111.

        So this morning l looked it up and found this …

        Do I call 111 or 999?
        To help us reach patients who need us as quickly as we can, please only call 999 for life-threatening emergencies. For urgent medical help when it’s not an emergency, please go to NHS111 online first. If you cannot get online, call 111.

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      4. That is confusing 😳

        Ok so if you are on fire or dying call 999

        If non life threatening call 111?

        I just be calling 999 all the time then – is all emergency if I have to call ☎️

        111 sounds useless or if you just wanna chat? Or book appt? What is purpose if not emergency? That is weird??

        Lol – stop go online for your non emergency

        People tell you off when calling 999? 😮

        Were you not dying? Lol

        I’m sorry but if I have to call an emergency line …it’s all gonna be an emergency!

        That be on news so fast over here lol … as if, a dispatcher tell someone off during an emergency!!

        If you have an emergency here you call 911 … fire department is first responder ALWAYS … where I live recently they implemented that if you call 911 and fire department responds … they charge you almost $400 just for responding

        But ya know – a lot of dumb things

        Dangerous games these governments play.

        People do sometimes abuse the number when they should not

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      5. Some people do abuse the emergency services sadly.

        But no, when l was told off, l had witnessed a car accident so l called 999 for the operator to say “Is this an emergency?” I answered with ‘Well there are people hurt and there is some blood!”

        “Mm, well l will transfer your call to 111!” With that l was cut off and YET, the services that turned up were 999 services!!

        Bloody authorities indeed, they have their own agendas.

        But post pandemic our emergency services are in one hell of a mess, people can now die waiting for an ambulance to turn up.

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      6. For us it depends on where you are …

        If you are in Capitol city of Sacramento – good luck 🍀

        But the country area is way different – they decent here

        Also depends on the areas economic wealth and emergency services available per capita

        City areas overwhelmed… the bigger the city the more overwhelmed they are

        Country areas are little better but depends ….

        My country town yes

        But I have dealt with deaths that are from tiny towns where sheriff is also coroner so I dunno with them

        I live in a town that used to be tiny little old west type town, but is now growing and is not considered suburb of Sacramento

        We are hopefully not outgrowing our emergency services?

        So far is ok

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