Not always a bed of roses!

Fascinating Musings
Season 1 – Monday – 21/11/22

“But you are not as young as you once were! Neither of us is!” Suze suggested

“I am still youngish!” I said

“You might be, but your body isn’t!” She reminded me.

“Right. Well then, what do you suggest we do?” I asked.

“I don’t know, but the weather isn’t helping us. It is hindering and hampering everything!”

“Okay, shall we give up the allotment, the composting, the worms? What or which?”

“Well, we can’t do that. They are all interlinked!” Suze said.

“Okay, well then, we continue with the original plan. We both knew that Willow was the key to everything. We need to get her sorted, then the worms. The plot and the compost are currently okay as it is. The rain is a pain; l am the first to agree. But there are all sorts of components that make this as it is. Only once we have Willow sorted, the worms repositioned and completed as a task can we concentrate on the allotment. There is enough to keep us active, but none will be accessible until we have routines and some order. It is just that everything is happening at once, as is sometimes the way, sadly. By the end of January, we will look back on this lively discussion and laugh.”
Of late, discussions like this have become the new norm at home. Suze and l are becoming tired and more tired. We are older than we once were, and even just five years shaved off our ages would make a difference. Suze turned sixty – one last month, and l turned fifty-nine this year.

This is not old age for either of us under normal circumstances, but we are not simply talking about maintaining a garden. No. We are then dropping on the top three arduous chores. Suze is involved directly with two of these additional extras – the worms and the allotment. The composting is mine.

But everything we currently do is a complex and more challenging work requirement. Never mind the work l do for Gazen Salts and Earthly Comforts. The latter, l think, is a musing for another time.

Published by The Autistic Composter

Earthly Comforts is a wildlife journaling scrapbook focusing on the countryside, wildlife biodiversity and environmental conservation, flora and fauna volunteering projects, gardening, composting and vermiculture, inspiration, poetry and photography.

23 thoughts on “Not always a bed of roses!

    1. The rains are hampering everything

      We will not be taking a break Sadje, we don’t have the time to take a break. If Suze wants to take a break she can. I will not be taking a break. I have a doggedness to me called autism.

      I’ll rest when l am dead is a credo not a bravado, it simply means l will rest when the job is done.

      I think the issue mostly is Suze didn’t realise ‘just how much’ Willow had within her walls.

      Plots, worms, compost and gardening are all hefty chores whatever a person’s age is.

      Of everything if l am honest, l probably find blogging more of a hardship, which l will discuss next time.

      We knew that the months leading to the end of the year would be tough, we can rest up when the back is broken.


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      1. I know l might come across as arrogant about my health sometimes; l sound it to myself, and it’s not that l don’t appreciate the wonders of a break. But we are fast approaching a hard winter, and if the weather worsens, we will curse ourselves for not carrying on when we could have.

        If a hard winter hits, we will have lost the element of a quiet season to get things done and suddenly find ourselves in the planting season, needing more time to be ready.

        I think Suze is tired, and she is as tired as l am and is worried in case something happens to me.

        We had our flu jabs on Saturday, and l am reacting to it and am pretty unwell at present. We had the covid boosters the previous week, and l suffered no reaction, but the flu has floored me.

        If l am ill, Suze would be left holding the bag, and we remember her when my shoulder was terrible a few years ago, and l wouldn’t want that on her, especially now, given everything we have going on.

        I am fine, but l am mindful of even my limitations, so l must remind myself at times that my brutishness to getting the job done will pay off in the long run.

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      2. I hope you stay well. How is your health nowadays?
        I understand why you’re pushing. It’s the season to get stuff done before it gets too cold. Take good care of yourself my friend

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  1. You’re not old but still, a good rest every now and then would be good for both of you! If full days of break are unthinkable, at least a few micro breaks burning the day…The many jobs you’re both doing would be difficult for anyone no matter the age!

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    1. Hey Ribana, the rains are hampering but they do afford us the breaks, the problem is that the rain is continuous and non-stop. So when it does stop we have very small opportunity windows that we have to take advantage of,

      When everything was out back it was easier to access. The allotment is only a mile and a bit away, but mostly we have stuff to take down and so we have to drive and not just walk it.

      The raining makes things more cumbersome.

      Once it is sorted and everything is where it should be, it’ll still be hard, but an easy hard rather than an irksome hard 🙂

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  2. I was trying to think back when Bud and I were 59 and 60. We had just gotten married. There’s been a lot of good times and hard times since, but we’re still here and have much to be thankful for. The point is, no matter the disappointments, or how hard things seem at the time, life goes on and this too shall pass. I do hope you can both relax, do what you can and be at peace with that, Dear. My Heart is with you, as always. 💞

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    1. Hey Betty 🙂

      Suze and l are in a good position as friends which is the most important aspect. We can have these conversations freely.

      Suze has admitteded to becoming overwhelmed with the enormity of all of the projects. I am not overwhelmed with this as l knew what it involved, the weather is not kind and is making things harder.

      Physically, l am achy, l am tired, but l am also recovering from the flu jab on Saturday and l started to get ill through a reaction yesterday which has drained me of my energy levels currently.

      Once we have Willow sorted the rest will be plain sailing 🙂

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    1. That’s the thing isn’t it – we could take a break, but shit doesn’t get done if we don’t get it done. We can rest when it is done 🙂

      Nope none of us do, where’s the fun in that – at least when we advise it shows we care 🙂

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  3. Well I do have a woman in my life – kinda an adopted mom to me… she’s known me forever and I know all her kids … she is 98… and the woman is a whippersnapper lol omg

    She’s had a pace maker installed – slowed her pace slightly – but still a whippersnapper

    Just goes goes goes and sharp as a whip … 98!

    But had good life. Was active always

    It was her childhood which was hard at first

    She’s just one of those from the generation where the mom never sat down.

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