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 “Life has got all those twists and turns. You’ve got to hold on tight and off you go.”

Nicole Kidman

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Do you have a poem, observation or even an inspiration you have written that you would like to see displayed in the ‘social greetings series’?

If so drop me an email with your poem to

Rory Matier
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How many followers do you and your blog need to feel happy or fulfilled or even complete?

Can you have too many followers for your blog do you think?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Are you a gardener or a composter or a photographer [take photos] or someone who works with wildlife and or in nature?

If so let me know below please.

A new series starting would like to hear from you.

Designs – Earthly Comforts – Inspired by Nature – see collection here

Published by The Autistic Composter

Howdy Folks, Earthly Comforts is a broad niche wildlife journaling scrapbook focusing on the countryside, wildlife biodiversity and environmental conservation, flora and fauna volunteering projects, gardening, composting and vermiculture, also known as ‘worm farming and photography too.

28 thoughts on “Wildlife Greetings

  1. There cannot be a fixed number of people who follow my blog to make me happy. I just want whatever follows to read my posts and interact with me. It could be 50 people or a 100, ( it’s never been more that that who interact with me).

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      1. Of course, it is essential to my blogging. I never claimed to blog for myself only. I write and when it’s read, appreciated and commented upon, it makes it a richer experience for me. Sometimes it reaches a person who needed to read it that day. All very satisfying

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      2. Very true statements Sadje, l agree with those entirely.

        None of us who have blogs write purely for ourselves, if we did we really wouldn’t need public blogs and anyone who has a public blog and says they only write for themselves and not wish to be read by others as well is delusional.

        We write for both ourselves and readers and in the process of that we find our own journey of understanding and comfort which then awards, reason, purpose, direction and a wellness.

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  2. You know I have a snarky answer to your questions…I started blogging back in 2003 and did it as a lark (Ooo – something new!) and because I was stuck at home because of illness – the blogging community grew over those first years and I had many followers/readers and we had a grand old time. In the last few years I have changed platforms and urls so if there were people following for whatever reason, they got lost. Now I have 4 followers, maybe 5 – and they comment or they email me – I’ve know these people for like forever…well you and Melissa are fairly new – and some folks read the blog but don’t follow and comment via direct email – Anyway, it’s never been important to me – followers – I’ve always written for my own pleasure – I wish I could find blogs that I can relate to – people my age and my sensibility – yours is the only blog where I feel comfortable commenting in my ‘own’ voice.


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    1. Hey Grace,

      In more recent times, l have noticed many changes to the whole blogging scenario. Some days l tire of the falseness of it all, and l know from reading you from the past and present we sometimes feel the same.

      The recent changes in the stats block as we see them, especially on PCs and l should imagine Laptops and maybe even iPads with WordPress, have made me suspect even more bullshit is ever present from these companies that are now purely number crunching and, like many others WP has joined the circus of making us appear to be Hamsters on a wheel pending the person’s proneness to addiction.

      I saw it arrive with World of Warcraft five years ago and on other platforms a few years back. Everything is about community ……. supposedly.

      No, it’s not.

      Everything is about social media, including blogging and maybe not from the writers of blogs, but most assuredly from the companies.

      I am tired of being a hamster on a wheel. I started seeing the ‘light.’ around January of this year in the Guy blog; l thought Earthly might be different, l don’t think it is, but l think l am now different. I see more and more how you currently see the world of blogging.

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      1. I don’t check stats because I just don’t care – never have. I never blogged with a view to anything more than goofing around and having fun. It’s not fun anymore because there is no community anymore, at least not one where I fit in. Perhaps you should do less. Have a business blog and a personal blog and simplify like crazy…You put so much work into the current iteration of your blog and I don’t wonder why it would make you crazy and be less fun.

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      2. There you have it – the nail on the head – why make all the fuss and have nothing back except a falseness from the community?

        I will be musing on this at another time in another post.

        I don’t think even l want a professional blog anymore, l will go for something inbetween.

        But whilst l think in some respects we do blog for others to read as well as write and read for ourselves, we don’t anymore really write for a community unless it is part of a clicky community of glittery socialness which makes it hard for people like me and you, and l know Ashley felt that way also.

        I miss her a lot. I emailed her the other day. Of course there is no answer, but l miss her.

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      3. Yes of course we want to be read but that’s part of the ‘community’ thing. Writing about our lives, what’s important to us, what makes us laugh, or cry. I suppose what I mean about writing for ourselves is that. Not writing for a particular reason or to promote themselves or a product etc – (Remember when Mommy Bloggers were all the rage?) Now people use social media to promote themselves or their product in pursuit of fame and fortune. And that’s okay but when folks like you and I just want to mix and mingle – well blogging was just the ticket – not so much anymore.

        Ashley was a singular human being – and dearly missed by so many – not just those dealing with mental health issues – those for whom she was a beacon of understanding, empathy and information but also those of us who just liked her for her smarts and humor. It’s a damn shame that her health care system could not serve her. Yes she had treatment resistant depression but here in the USA there are medical facilities and treatments for it that are proving successful. She didn’t have access to such care. Damn shame!

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      4. Oh yes Mommy Bloggers they were ALL the rage a few years back.

        It just seems that so many are after fame and fortune and or popularity guardianship these days and that is from hobby/social bloggers.

        I am sometimes baffled as to why many are keen to be seen as gurus or pompous driven authorities these days.

        I have just had a conversation with Suze saying that l am seriously struggling with the social pomposity of blogging these days. Blogging is no longer what it used to be and yet so many are clueless to how they are being driven by the platform.

        Yes, Ashley was a superb master of so many things – l too miss her droll and often dry snarkle riddled humour and the way she went l think will haunt me for a long time.

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    2. Ps 🙂

      I meant to write this earlier and thought l had – but thank you for that compliment – l am glad that you feel comfortable to be you when responding and commenting here Grace. I enjoy reading what you have to say.

      I have been feeling somewhat disjointed in the blogging world for a week or so, and made some changes last week that were more me.

      When you do comment, l am always pleased 🙂

      Hope l didn’t make that super creepy.

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  3. While I like to think followers enjoy reading my blog, it’s obvious many are drive-thru peeps. Poetry is a hard sell and draws mainly the same types. You put a lot of time and effort into your blog, meaning the structure, artistic flair, music, photography, scheduling, etc. I think it is beautifully organized and a fabulous blog. You and I and some others spend a lot of time and effort on the appearance of our blogs because we enjoy doing so. But, many readers don’t appreciate or even realize what it takes to set up a blog like yours. I noted many of my new followers create a blog with a few quotes and request we follow them. Really!

    Your coffee chat prompt is awesome and really catching on and seems it only takes one great idea to draw a larger audience. I feel I wouldn’t have as many followers as I do if weren’t for my weekly prompt. In fact, my new blog will most likely remain small but that’s not a concern for me. Its purpose is to house the poems I contributed to another WP site that I feel has lost its luster. Not many go back to 2018 to read old poems, anyway. So, I’m having fun by making it a whimsical and a bit wacky blog. I think I am releasing another side of my personality.

    I agree with Sadje on the number of followers. I’d rather have a few that interact than a lot of what I term drive-thrus. I’ve seen personal blogs with 10,000 followers! I can see that for a true business blog but not for a personal blog. Every now and then, I take inventory and delete useless followers.

    Keep up the good work and most of all have fun with your blog.😉

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    1. Hey Eugenia 🙂

      Cracking and in-depth comment.

      Thank you – l agree. Next to aesthetic blogs, poetry is one of the most complex sales going, but you do remarkably well with yours because it is combined with aesthetics.

      I have found more poetry readers like to see the ambience of a blog; l read that somewhere, making for a massive impact with blogs like yours.

      Prompts are always one of the biggest pull-ins because people like to be fed prompts. That sounds terrible, but people like prompts because they are quick, easy sells, and great for traffic pulling. Prompts serve as escapes.

      I, too, have noticed that the coffee question series is an excellent resource.

      We have more drive-through people these days post-covid compared to pre-covid and, most assuredly, more serial LIKERS.

      Liking is too easy for many folks, who think a LIKE is the same currency as a comment – in my world, it’s not, and luckily those regulars who interact with us frequently do comment.

      Don’t get me wrong, those who read and then like but don’t comment are not enemies, but there are many who press like without reading anything.

      I am also confused by personal blogs with more than 5000 blogger followers because l don’t understand why they need to have so many people following them when they are 1] not selling or advertising and 2] not an influencer.

      Of course, many like to be seen as authorities on subjects, and they get a kick from that, but that’s fine—each to their own.

      I enjoy my blog, but at times l struggle with social overwhelm, not the obvious way people might think, but the falseness of the socialness and pompousness. I have to switch off, but it sometimes catches me off guard.

      Once the Country Life Style Diary category starts to make itself known, things will be different. I am not unimpressed with my figures l have reasonable visitations, and comments are good; l don’t include views or likes when l assess everything. So l am not unhappy. I have decided that a professional business blog isn’t me, but l will have a variation presence on the original concept.

      Next year will see more connections to IG and Pinta.

      That is it in a nutshell, though. To have fun with your blog.

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      1. Concerning the 5,000 followers, when I returned to WP.com, I started seeing an influx of followers and don’t know why. I am still receiving a steady flow of followers. Some have a legit blog and others are whatever. My Twitter followers are added to my WP followers but I have only 295 followers on Twitter.

        You nailed it and that is to have fun with our blogs.

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  4. How many followers do you and your blog need to feel happy or fulfilled or even complete?

    According to WordPress, my blog has more than 5,600 followers. But that is a meaningless number, since I’d say that there are maybe only around 100 or so people who regularly read, like, and/or comment on my posts. And it the number who actually read and interact with me who matter.

    Can you have too many followers for your blog do you think?

    As I said, the number of “followers” is meaningless. I don’t really look at that number.

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    1. Hey Fandango, your estimates of actual interactives are about right. I visit once every 4-5 days and comment and like the posts that l read.

      But the number of actual interactives and engagers is very different from the numbers of 2017-2019 [so before covid].

      I know some writers say numbers have dropped since covid, and l would say yes, covid saw an increase in new blog arrivals. Still, the numbers were higher pre-covid, and now post-covid the numbers technically should return to a slightly lower % than pre-covid. They haven’t.

      What l am seeing is an increase in automated accounts, and there is more bot activity. I see more ‘robot’ and scam blogs arriving. Yes, l have seen a rise in business blogs …ish. But l have also seen WP significantly change its blogging model in the last year.

      It used to be a blog with your stats as an example, and you would see around 15% interaction every week. That is 840. Daily you would see 8% engagement which is just under 450, so if you are seeing 100 reading weekly, that is less than 2%.

      It used to be that higher numbers meant higher views from the smaller percentage. But we now have significant shifts in viewing and engagement.

      I am a little disillusioned with this these days.

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      1. I have been averaging around 425 views a day, but those are spread across 3 to 5 posts daily, which married pretty nicely to having around 100 actual followers.


  5. Um – I see different ? Little bit?

    But that is probably because of my experiences ???

    I am more of a “if you want to be there – then be there … if you don’t – then don’t”

    I don’t want to get caught up in the always trying to please everyone thing… I don’t really think of “how many” followers …

    I wanted to show a life with twists and turns and sometimes amazing – sometimes sucks… or maybe help someone who went through or going through same thing? Or even advice for me?

    And you can have opinions or views and

    If touches one person or helps one person? Or connects with someone? I am happy with that.

    But I don’t use for a business or for gaining any notoriety

    I also just like the footprint for future generations

    I always like to imagine how people were in different eras … we are first era to be documented online – a record … words of how people lived

    100 years from now they can still read it

    Maybe ?

    And then lastly … for my own self … sometimes I use for myself to talk something through? Lol and also … I have loved all the people here ❤️ they all pretty amazing

    I just want to enjoy this … love having followers … but I don’t do umm 🤔 popularity things lol

    Oh yeah and there is one other thing… I am not a dooms day’er … however I am planner in certain aspects lol … so … my moms mom / had dementia… my mom / Alzheimer’s

    So… it’s a thought… I want to be fine but ya know history so … just incase …

    If you see my words … and then can follow?? To see the Alzheimer’s? I don’t know?

    When I watch old home movies with my mother and I think of how long they say she’s had… you see a gradual decline? Or ya know hindsight 20/20

    But if does ever hit me… how will my words change or will I remember? But in words you could maybe see a decline – I won’t cause I would fade away? But would be interesting to read the decline? What things might be helpful? Scientific ?

    I am not about how many anything lol

    Unless we are speaking chocolate then I change my tune lol

    I have many reasons for my blog but was never how many people would read – in beginning I did not know at first other people would ever see my words lol …I just needed outlet 😊❤️✌️

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    1. A very honest answer Trisha.

      Many bloggers are not in it for the a, b and c follow route, but just to be seen and read by a few and open up the path of relatable content, for others to know and see the world isn’t that big afterall 🙂

      So much chocolate in numbers would it take to impress you then, hahaha 🙂

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      1. Hahaha well once I made myself very sick from too much chocolate in one day lol

        I was stressed so I empty entire contents of purse and fill it with these amazing chocolate balls that are incredible ❤️

        Every time I stressed – I would pop a ball lol

        But I was stressed a lot so by the afternoon I was shaky and not good lol

        You would think “truckloads” of chocolate be awesome – but a pursefull was not lol 😮

        It’s true – too much of a good thing is not so good lol – sometimes – even though we want lol

        Yes – I like to relate or imagine lol have my mind captured 😘✌️

        Also – I believe important to know mental health – so also helps me understand or see

        Is important for people – know self ❤️

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