Tales from Gazen Salts

Time will tell. It always does.

Season 2

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Above Nissan Hut coming together nicely on 23rd November and below
the hut as it was yesterday at a 99% finished position.
The images above left to right are – 99% Completed hut looking from the front to the back [1], looking at the hut to the right side and everything on the other side of the ladders is to be decided upon whether it is for sale [2] whilst the last image [3] is a close up of what needs to be offloaded and the small pile at the bottom of the right hand side is all that is left to be tidied up and sorted out.

Time will tell. It always does.

Slowly and surely, l am now getting on top of the shed. There is only a tiny amount of odd stuff to be sorted through now. It’s just a small heap, and the shed is technically done. Of course, l could titivate, and that fine-tuning is needed, especially if we want to make sense of everything in a logical format.

I will draw up a map of the building. My next task is to get the woodshed or lumber shed constructed. I have a particular order of jobs in my head with the hut being finalised, then the piles of wood and finishing off with the notice board and then for 2023, l have to decide whether l am going to stay at Gazen Salts as a volunteer.

I learned last week at the committee meeting that as far as the chairman is concerned, l will probably not get the role of warden. He didn’t say this directly; l just had a gut feeling by the way something else was implied that l wouldn’t get the job.

Not to get my hopes set too high, but the only two hopes l felt were Bob and No, as far as l might be concerned. If l am offered the role, it’ll not have anything to do with the fact that l applied months ago, that l am passionate about the position, that l am suitable for the position or that l have spent ages tidying up and organising the shed or saving them money as well as potentially making the charity money.

No, it’ll be because no one else is considered suitable for the job or don’t like the conditions of the position available which ARE awkward admittedly never mind that whilst the wage is £10 per hour, that is still just below the current living wage standards, and l will be like something the dog has dragged in. It will become ‘can’t find anyone, let’s try Rory’. And l don’t know how l might feel about that.

With all this rain, however, and although it has yet to delay the end of year deadline for total completion l still have to perform regarding the garden and so on, it’s not made everything that easy.

I do hope December as a month is not hindered by even more continued rains and flooding although this morning started with heavy rainfall. As long as Suze and l can say by the end of this year, x, y and z have been completed. Things will be okay.

But for the time being, l have one month to achieve everything l wanted success with regarding Gazen Salts. If all goes well, that will be completed.

Yesterday l finally managed to move everything around how l needed it to be. So the committee members can view the items that need to be offloaded – sold, dumped or donated. As far as l am concerned, everything we need as volunteers are stored in the most functional way possible and more importantly in the most accessible areas.

But with the new organisation, l have created a hut that has workable space and if the items to be sold go, then our crammed shed will suddenly become very spacious.

If we can clear the debris, that will mean that should we be granted a new building and the old building is to be condemned because of the asbestos, then what we have can be transferred quickly and very smoothly too.

Most of the content that requires decisions by the committee is tools that are surplus to our requirements and machinery that we will never use or have never used anyway and needs to be gone or fencing be this barrier fencing or stock fencing and some odds and sods and bits and pieces – like a bag of thirty work helmets or another bag of thirty disposable overalls?? Bags and bags of masks and ear plugs … it’s like the buyer was thinking of some strange outside fetish orgy!

If we were fortunate and financially successful concerning the lot available for sale, we might be able to make maybe £15,000 for the charity, and in today’s climate, that is not something to scoff at.

However, l started this task on the 28th of September and whilst l had assistance on that day, no one else helped me since then. Next Wednesday or the 7th of December, l will have finished the task, so over ten weeks or 30 hours, l have managed to take the Nissan Hut from unorganised chaos to disciplined function.

The irony is there is a good chance l will not be the one benefitting from these works come the new year. Potentially someone else will be coming on board and working with a clean slate.

Oh well, time will tell. It always does.

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Tales from Gazen Salts Nature Reserve is about my time and stories of my voluntary work with this project.

I’ll see you next episode. Thanks for reading.

Gazen Salts Nature Reserve
Sandwich, Kent, England, UK

Published by The Autistic Composter

Earthly Comforts is a wildlife journaling scrapbook focusing on the countryside, wildlife biodiversity and environmental conservation, flora and fauna volunteering projects, gardening, composting and vermiculture, inspiration, poetry and photography.

13 thoughts on “Tales from Gazen Salts

  1. You’ve done a fine job of organizing and cleaning up the space. They are fools to not to make you the warden. And yet they took benefit of your volunteer time

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They do take advantage of the volunteers, we have all said this and we have lost volunteers because of it as well.

      They want to get the process performed right this time, it has to be seen as a politically correct advertising. But there is a more politics afoot here than they talk about freely.

      I will formally apply once it is advertised and l will do my best to land the role because l am passionate for it. However if l don’t land the role, l will then decide to leave. Not through sour grapes but because l do actually need to get a part time job and may not have a free wednesday anyway.

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