Nature Diary

There is something truly mesmerising about swaying ditch reed.

Swayings in the winds
Haven Walk – River Stour – Green Wall Road

Music Score โ€“ Strolling Along
Reflective Thoughts

Suze and l managed to get a walk in last Sunday, just a short stroll around the Green Wall Road area which takes about 45 minutes at an average pace or 60 minutes if you are walking with a guy and his camera.

It takes you along the River Stour, down towards the sluice gate, up past the golf club, and then you return to Sandwich town along Green Wall. It’s a lovely walk on a sunny spring or summer day, a pleasant walk in autumn and a nice walk on a wet winter’s day that is also cold.

It was cold last Sunday, the cold that bites into the fingers holding the camera. It was also quite grey and had, at times, an almost surreal look to it.

But it’s a good walk for talking, and Suze and l were engaged. It’s also a good walk for reflection and decisions. Also, l have noticed that when l look at the ditch reed swaying in the winds is an excellent relaxation for thinking deeply.

We had an appointment with some friends of ours later that afternoon. Suze and l have taken on a small job as a couple – one who works with the green side and one who works with the brown side, or in much simpler terms, we have taken on a part-time gardening job. It’s just five minutes away from our front door. It’s only a couple of hours a week. But it might pan out to something bigger or with broader possibilities.

After all, it’s not what you know at times but who.

But also, l made a few decisions regarding Earthly Comforts and my writing. From today, the observant amongst you might notice changes to the publishing schedules. I have changed them all.

I always planned not to do anything substantial with this blog before 2023 in external advertising until l was happier with how l managed the blog, publishing, and series within. This would mean tweaks from the time of launch till the end of the year, and l have achieved those. Most of the blog series have started in one way or another, and the handful left will commence during January.

So all is well.

But l suspect that 2023 as a year will be even more hectic a lifestyle as in being away from the desktop than this year was and already is. With the allotment, gardening and worm farming alone and now the new gardening job, l will also be looking for a part-time job if the warden’s job and l are unsuccessful.

So l needed to ensure that blog writing scheduling and publishing were more manageable, and three to four publishings a day isn’t sustainable when busy, whilst one to three is. But it will also allow me to fine-tune elements of the blog.

I decided a couple of months ago not to have a professional business blog because they piss me off for the better part anyway, and l don’t like pissing people off.

There are things l am happy to advertise and display in my blog, such as my designs, and in time l hope to be able to promote a book l am in the early stages of writing on composting with worms and also a couple of courses l would like to craft. i also like the music scores personally.

But there is a significant difference between self-promotion to commercial advertising. I will also be working on another private writing project, and l need time for that. I am happy to write to a smaller audience and gradually build it up over time on this ‘scrapbooking journal’.

I have been monitoring my journey as a writer on Earthly Comforts for most of this year, specifically as opposed to when l maintained the Guy blog, and l now know what makes me tick and, more importantly, what l need to make me tick. What l need for x, y and z and what l might need for other writing projects.

All good decisions and all good reflections.

The thing about the Willow is that on occasion and especially during some seasons, the trees look very different, very surreal or as someone said recently, they have a spooky fairytale look about them.

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13 thoughts on “Nature Diary

    1. Well it wasn’t surprising given the shift our lives have taken l guess. I now prefer to be outside more than inside, gardening seems to be the right move forwards ๐Ÿ™‚

      And – yes you did ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Oh, another great new adventure in the offing! I am so happy for you, Rory! You are so great at working on and expanding upon new ideas and experiences, I often find myself a spellbound audience. It will be most interesting to witness what you have in store for us in 2023! I am excited for you just thinking about it. ๐Ÿ˜Š And me, too, to be able to share, even though it is vicariously. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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