Plants That Say No Go Buddy – Not On My Shift!

Predatory and Companion Plants

The beauty and benefits of companion planting. Techniques to introduce different flowers, plants and herbs with an attitude that can support and improve soil conditions, increase fertility, offer shelter and attract and repel insects simultaneously.


Chrysanthemums are beautiful flowers that are also pretty damn effective at keeping wild beasties at bay! These will repel roaches, ants, ticks and fleas, spider mites, silverfish and bugs, and nematodes!

Impressive, no?

They can make great companion plants with many different vegetables, but be aware that the same thing these flowers do to repel and kill the bugs can also be harmful to humans. That is Pyrethrum. These flowers can be used to make an insecticidal spray, so you must be careful if using this as a form of deterrent.

Planting flowers in the vegetable and herb garden is a great way to encourage beneficial insects and pollinators alike and have them exactly where they are most effective.

Hope you enjoyed this article and l’ll see you again soon.

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