Plants That Say No Go Buddy – Not On My Shift!

Predatory and Companion Plants

The beauty and benefits of companion planting. Techniques to introduce different flowers, plants and herbs with an attitude that can support and improve soil conditions, increase fertility, offer shelter and attract and repel insects simultaneously.


Catnip and Catmint both love full sun but can also grow in partially shaded areas. Both can be planted as companions to lavenders also, should you wish, although Nepeta are the more accessible option as lavenders can be tricky to establish in the garden. They prefer rich, well-draining soils, although they can grow in various soil types.

They make for ideal companion plantings but be mindful of their invasive ability to overrun and overtake if left unmanaged. They are part of the mint family, after all. Whilst they are not as aggressive as some mints, it still helps to watch. They do grow very well in containers as an alternative to direct to soil plantings.

Catnip is the plant that cats go wild over, so if planting as a distraction to other sensitive plantings, always remember the space around the plant itself or use it as an edging plant rather than a central herb.

Nepetalactone, which is the oil in catnip, gives the plant its scent, which certain felines are attracted to, thinking it’s a member of the opposite sex, yet it can also be used to deter stinging mosquitoes. Rub a few leaves onto your skin, and it will act as a natural garden protector for you.

Catnip repels pests in your gardens like aphids, ants, beetles, squash bugs, cockroaches, and certain rodents like mice. Equally, it attracts beneficial insects like pollinators such as bees and butterflies and bumblebees and parasitic wasp species.

You can also plant it alongside potato, squash, cauliflower, beets, broccoli, tomatoes, and carrots.

Also, like other mints, Catnip/mint will return year after year.

Hope you enjoyed this article and l’ll see you again soon.

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