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I think anything is possible if you have the mindset and the will and desire to do it and put the time in.

Roger Clemens

Music = Fields

Cuppa Community Chat
The new mini-interview series’.

9 Lifestyle orientated questions with a leaning also towards your blog genre will be asked of you and appear in the Wildlife Greetings series published Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday mornings at 06.55 am GMT.

Keep It Alive
Today’s Cuppa is with Sadje of Keep It Alive

About me:

I started my blogging journey on 6th September 2018. It was a whimsical decision inspired by Dr Tanya’s blog. Initially, I planned to write about empty nesters like me and the issues women over 50 faces. But as I went on, my blog evolved into something more. I started writing poetry and fiction in addition to my health/occupational-related posts. 

Gradually my focus has shifted, and now I write in response to the many weekly and monthly prompts hosted by my fellow bloggers. I write meaningful and inspiring posts that convey a message of positivity. I love writing poetry and can better share my message in poetic form. 

What inspires you the most, and are there subjects you write about more than others?

Life inspires me in general and people, in particular, inspire me to write about their issues, their attitudes toward life, and how people deal with them. 

What do you do for relaxation?

Blogging is my most considerable relaxation. The connection with the community here and sharing our concerns and experiences is such an enriching experience. 

I also find walking, listening to music, and reading relaxing. 

A book you could read over and over and why?

I read the Holy Quran every day! I’ve read it many, many times throughout my life. I gain so much knowledge and guidance from reading Quran every day. It also answers the questions that arise in my mind and gives me the confidence to do the right thing in life. 

Do you prefer to cook for friends or go out to a restaurant?

When I invite a few friends for a meal, I prefer to cook it at home. The cosy ambience of the home is much desired to the noisy environment of a restaurant. Besides, my friends want me to make my unique dishes for that meal. But we go out for a meal if I’m short on time. I love going out for breakfast with my friends and family. 

Do you have a signature dish you enjoy creating for friends and family? What is it?

Over the years, I’ve learned to cook quite a few dishes. Haleem is one of them. It’s a hearty dish of meat ( chicken), lentils, porridge/ wheat, and rice. For desserts, I make a few dishes well. Apple pie, bread and butter pudding, caramel custard, and fruit trifle are the ones I’m asked to make. 

What do you like best to do with your hands?

I like to write with my hands on my phone/ laptop these days. Formerly, I liked to sew, knit, and do other handicrafts, but now the aching joints prevent me from doing that. 

What is your favourite way to while away an hour?

Blogging is my favourite way to spend time. Reading the posts posted while I was away from my blog, commenting on them, and answering the comments made in response to my comments or on my posts are delightful ways to spend time. 

What is a question you never tire of being asked?

I love talking about theology. I always enjoy discussing faith and its implications on life. Since blogging, I’ve learned much about the different religions people follow. And it’s such an enriching experience. 

What is your favourite flower?

I love flowers that have a sweet scent. Roses, narcissi, and tuberoses are a few grown in my country. Narcissi are my favourite because they are available in winter, near my birthday.  
There we go folks, l hope you enjoyed this morning’s Community Chat with Sadje as much l did.

Until the next time.

We both wish you a lovely Friday.

Unsure if a mini-interview is right for you?

Check out the Interview Directory Here
How the process works is simple l will email you fifteen mixed lifestyle+ questions, and all you have to do is select nine of your choice and answer those. Currently, there are 135 questions covering many different topics and subjects of interest, so there will likely be something to pique your interest and curiosity.

Also, it’s not just a once-in-a-lifetime interview. You can participate in as many discussions as you like throughout the year in the Wildlife Greetings series.

If this appeals, let me know below or email me direct your interest to theautisticcomposter@gmail.com with CCC as the title and include topics of interest so that l can better offer you the right questions.

Many thanks.
Rory Matier

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Howdy Folks, Earthly Comforts is a broad niche wildlife journaling scrapbook focusing on the countryside, wildlife biodiversity and environmental conservation, flora and fauna volunteering projects, gardening, composting and vermiculture, also known as ‘worm farming and photography too.

23 thoughts on “Wildlife Greetings

  1. Yes but wouldn’t it be more fun but more work for you, if you chose one of your readers, and knowing what you know, or think you know, about them posed them questions that YOU would like the answers to, or questions that YOU think they might have interesting responses to?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. But l do do that Grace. I do know what the interviewee is likely to answer and what they don’t answer based upon what they have answered in the past.

      The 15 questions asked of them are questions they would most likley answer.

      I am as an example hardly like to posr towards you questions that you might consider not right for your emotions and intellect.

      A social prompt blogger will have a different answer to say what a lifestyle blogger might respond to.

      It’s pointless putting a question to someone who’ll not answer the question.

      The amount of times l have asked questions and people are awarded the option to NOT respond to all questions that is their choice, l can’t force people to answer questions, but l can give them a better choice of options – questions l know will appeal to them.

      I am not going to ask you how many cups of X you drink daily but l might ask you – What are your expectations of friendship? – or What would you most like to be remembered for by the others in your life? And so on, and whilst others might answer that or those questions equally l have noticed certain bloggers do not answer those questions.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. *SMH* It never occurred to me that you carefully choose which questions out of the 135 available to ask people – DUH – what a dummy I am – Of course you do LOL And – I have no expectations of friendship. I want to be remembered for always being laughing, singing and dancing! (I did have my that little paragraph on my blog about what I wanted on my headstone – a little sappy.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Plus, l – shh and don’t tell everyone – store all the answers awarded by everyone in an Excel sheet – and use that as my Teacher to improve questions.

      I ask questions of people that l genuinely want to know the answers to because l base what l write about in the blog on the answers – these questions are like marketing questions for me.

      Edward [88 years of age] asked me a question yesterday, which l shall add to the listing because it was a good question “Rory, tell me, when did you first start to think about your end?’ So we had a conversation about that for twenty minutes. Sadly he lost his dog on Tuesday, Zelda died of cancer and old age, but we talked about that.

      I could post that question to many people, but how many might answer it in a discussion and give it thought or even respond flippantly instead and make light of it? Maybe not you, nor me and most assuredly not Edward – because we are thinkers, but not all of my readers are heavy thinkers. Many are – but not all.

      For instance, our conversations [Grace/Rory] make my mind work harder on question creation – so l sit and think what would say ‘Grace like to answer?’ – even for SMH, and l was like, WTF is that?? So l Googled and then shook my head as if to say, Rory, how did you not see that 🙂

      I will remember you for keeping me on my toes and your sharp wit and dry humour – however – you are still with me anyway, so l don’t have to worry about that yet, and l am still learning you 🙂


      1. Ok, now that is funny. What’s funny, you ask? SMH – I have never used that acronym before tho I know someone who uses it a lot. I hate acronyms and I have a reason for that which is also tied into a story (isn’t everything with me?). Anyway, when you referenced “shook my head” I wondered how that tied in because I knew somehow it did – You see, I’m from the Bronx, we smack each other and ourselves a lot – it is a form of communication and affection too, I guess. So SMH is “Smack My Head” to me – you know how you do when all of a sudden something occurs to you? And, I’m Italian – flying hands are our first language.

        As for Edward’s question – Short answer? When I was around 8 or 9 – I vividly remember lying in bed, eyes shut tight, holding my breath wondering if that is what death felt like. I did that a lot until I became comfortable with it. Now – I think death is just the next adventure.

        If I must be remembered I’ll take yours as a lovely compliment.

        Now you have me intrigued as to what questions you would send me to answer. Because you know we ALL like to talk about ourselves.

        {{Huggiez}} my friend!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ah, smack my head – showing Google doesn’t know everything oddly enough which is a variation of one of the questions l have – Google offered ‘shook my head’.

        Your questions need time and l came to realise that more even recently following our ‘frufru’ conversation. I knew questions like yours would have to be more bespoke even more so than just a custom batch.

        So l’ll not answer that yet, but l will in time – l think it’s time for a long chat with my mate Mildren 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I looked it up too because I was sure it was “Smack my head” but no, “Shaking my head” is the commonly understood meaning. Oh, I get my own bespoke questions – sure, sure – put the pressure on – I’m gonna have to be clever and intelligent? Or amusing…make me work, go ahead…

    Liked by 1 person

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