Nature Diary

Tree Lined Avenue

Hey ho, such is life.

Spring Time Willows along the River Stour

Music Score – Saturday
Fisherman’s Wharf

For the last seven days, Suze and l have renewed our pledge to walking ‘whatever the weather front’. Not a NY resolution either, as we don’t bother with those things – more a promise to ourselves, a repair to the discipline of pre-allotment moments. The weather has still been wet, but thankfully not as wet as before, which has been a blessing.

Yesterday we finally returned to the Butchery garden and started the overdue undergrowth clearout. The last time we were, there was the 9th of December or something – from that point, the weathers were awful.

We were pleased that we managed to get the two much-needed days at the allotment to get the soil work done for stage one. However, we now need to start work on stage two, which can begin next week.

Our tasks are to 1] turn the compost, 2] dig out all the raspberry and currant plants, tidy the back area, and 3] prepare the blueberry grounds. I need to increase the acidity level, which can be achieved by digging in and layering over the top used coffee grounds and sulphur pellets. Currently, the ph of the soil is around six and l need to lower that to 4.5. It’ll take a little time, but the grounds need to be worked on this month, so they are ready for the spring sowings of the blueberry bushes.

However, it has felt good to get back into the walking regime. Something l have missed. But my right hip still doesn’t like declines or inclines and can play up. The left foot has healed itself without any medical intervention or assistance, which would be harder to receive presently due to all the crises the NHS is experiencing and dreadful wait times. I still have the odd twinge on the heel, but that is it.

The hip could be problematic. I might have to see a doctor about that and the ironic curse of being allergic to the soil spores. Like why? Why does that happen? When you derive so much pleasure from something, does a smite come along and hit you where you don’t need it to? However, my left eye becomes quite bothersome, swollen, puffy, and painful. I must wear goggles over my glasses.

Hey ho, such is life.

The photos are from our walk yesterday around the Ramparts. I have also trained my new photography self to not take the Canon 700D out with every time l walk and to use the Canon Ixus more.

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