The Many Situations of Modern-Day Life!

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Season 1 – Sunday – 08/01/23

The Many Situations of Modern-Day Life!

When does a situation become a problem, how long should one wait before they declare a situation an emergency, and how many situations does it warrant before the National Guard is called out to deal with it all and finally, do too many situations become one shituation or just enough to spoil the broth?

What am l talking about or even asking? Modern-day clutter caused by modern-day living.

Suze and l declared in the closing days of last year that we have an ample handful [ooher missus] of situations. Sometimes there are so many situations that we try to hide them away in other locations and pretend there is no situational problem.

Most households have their situations as well. It can’t just be us; l know it’s not just us, but you too!

For examples of situations – see the gallery below…

Some situations are more pressing than others! Then there are situations within situations till you have a cluttersome of shituations!

One of the more significant situations isn’t so much a situation, but more of a lifestyle change, whilst others are how our houses are built with quirky space for one person but impractical space for two people, which equals no ideal space.

Truth is another declutter is in the works whilst trying to find suitable homes for the clutter or, in some extreme cases, uncluttersome things that have become redundant due to climate.

The treadmill is a redundancy; l don’t need it now that l am more active than ever before, but because of energy hikes, what cost me £995 in October 2020 is currently selling for as little as £250 if lucky secondhand from other sellers who bought theirs at the same time as me. So many expensive treadmills are for sale now that the sellers have driven the price down!

Its value is still around £500 secondhand, but people concerned about energy costs want their T/mills gone. They are not actually that expensive to run, but l don’t need mine, and then if l decide to keep it, l have to decide where it is likely to live if l don’t have the usable space to store it.

It could stay in the loungeroom here, which was fine for one living in the house but not great for two. However, Suze and l now wish for my office to be upstairs in the room no longer used for Suze’s office and convert the loungeroom into more of an open plan lounge room more suitable for her return to yoga.

But upstairs still has the cluttersome situation of her office … it’s a classic case of catch 2299!

The office switch around will be achieved in the next six weeks, we have to sell some stuff first to clear up the required space, and then that situation will no longer be a shituation, but a problem solved 101.

The office is different from the clothing racks in the house – from coat racks to pegs on the wall and door racks, or even chairs that have become convenient clothing stops until the time is found to fold the laundry and put it away.

Hallway cupboard units that don’t serve any purpose except storing hidden clutter have become situations by themselves. Drawers also become sneaky areas to hide things under the guise of this is the RUD – the really useful drawer, which is great until it has seen to have become the RUUD – the really unuseful useful drawer!

It’s all become quite problematic and shituational!

The various situations that need addressing like the elephants in the room they are fast becoming from coat racks, to door racks, and coat pegs, to laundry chairs, sneaky drawers, hidden cupboards, too many drawers, hallways units and cluttered office spaces!

None of it amounts to end of world dramas BUT STILL!!

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26 thoughts on “The Many Situations of Modern-Day Life!

  1. I’m a clutter aficionado. I tolerate some ‘organized’ clutter, but those little hooks, cupboards, and piles have a way of growing on their own. Tidy isn’t my goal, but redundancy causes a covert chaos that gets to a point that I can’t tolerate. A small house and my procrastinating nature create an ongoing tug of war ‘situation’. Sometimes I win and ‘nip it in the bud’ and sometimes I need a day (or two) to tame my environment. I feel your pain!

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      1. I recently did a lot of load shedding. There’s an app here, ‘OLX’ where you post the pictures, descriptions and prices of stuff you want to sell. It was a great way to get rid of many duplicate things.

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      2. Yes there is way more available to sellers these days than ten years ago. I think the biggest issue here at present is that the energy prices are crippling many households and so people are very cautious regarding even second-hand purchases.

        But l believe that if you price something at the right price, there is always someone who will buy it.

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      3. Yes and that is what needs to be done. Over here l price in a way that will also take into consideration travel costs – because l want an item gone, don’t want to not make a profit but need the space and any finance from it is a bonus, l will let something go cheaper.

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      4. Looking at OLX, l don’t think we do.

        I think we do profit not always financially, but we profit in other equally as important ways – like time, space and peace of mind – these are at times a great profit 🙂

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  2. You could maintain an entire blog on this subject alone forever! Good luck with it all and I look forward to the new pictures of the spaces once you’re feeling great about them again. Have a lovely day Rory ☺️

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