Are You 3 Rs Minded?

Headline Image – Nature Earth Sustainability – Free photo on Pixabay


Surrounded by nature
Protected by nature 
Beguiled by nature 
Nourished by nature 

We betray the nature 
Stab it in the back 
After all the kindness it 
has bestowed on us 
A treacherous payback we offer 

When it grows angry with us 
Punishes us for the betrayal 
We cry out and curse loudly 
But still, we do not learn our lesson 

Why do we insist on cutting the 
umbilical cord that sustains us?

© Sadje of Keep It Alive – June 2021

We live in a world that is seemingly hell-bent on destroying itself

Humanity is Allowing:

Stupidity and greed to destroy us


The plastification of our oceans

Flora & Fauna species to be hunted and foraged into extinction

Chemicals to poison and pollute us

Over-farming and the killing off of our pollinators

Deforestation and failing to encourage more sustainability

Technology to introduce the presence of artificial intelligence!

Poorly structured governments to take seats of power

Manufactured and preventable disasters to occur

Nothing is sacred anymore, and sadly none of us is safe anymore either!
We can no longer afford to be complacent.

I know people who firmly believe that what l write here is paramount to nonsense and or hearsay only. None of it is accurate, and it is only conspiracy theories that our planet Earth is slowly destroying itself. It is the natural course, and humanity has nothing to do with its destruction.

I don’t deny the eventual potential of global catastrophes and problems and issues that we have no way of knowing, let alone predicting – actually occurring.

What l have witnessed and observed as l have aged and, as such, matured is that there seems to be an increasing apathy from society to motivate itself into taking nonstop action. Always happy to rely on ‘someone else or some other body of people to take the initiative and tackle these issues.

People acknowledge’, albeit with some reluctance, that those problems are indeed afoot. Still, they are more concerned about carrying on as usual and pretending to be ostriches with their heads firmly in the sand. Conservation issues are fast becoming known as elephants as many people nod their heads but hurriedly hide things under rugs and carpets and push them to the corner of the room!

I like to say to people and remind them that they are ‘Never too small to make a difference and if they want proof, then think about the ‘Mosquito!’  However small that is, and yet the absolute power it can hold over a single person in a dark room late at night as an example.

Some answer me with, ‘Sure, but what’s the point of doing anything? It will not make the slightest bit of difference?’ 

And when l hear this, l sometimes find myself contemplating the Butterfly Effect’ in so far as – if l travelled back in time and stepped on a butterfly, what significant changes would that dramatically mean for my time and the world today? 

Would l step back into the ‘Planet of The Apes’ type of situation, or would it be something far worse? Who knows?

It’s not just getting the people’s vote on something. Maintaining and sustaining their cooperation every day afterwards is the most complex challenge. We live in a world that idealizes reality television, is seemingly captivated by disposable everything, and is no longer concerned about anything for longer than the memory of a media goldfish!

So it is as much of a battle to motivate the reluctance to tackle some of the global issues that face us. Of course, it’s an age-old problem. What people can’t see, they don’t have to believe in!

Personally, l believe we have a responsibility to look out for the planet we live on in the same way we look after our children, our loved ones, our pets – or whichever you hold dear to you. Planet Earth should be up there in your top 5 loved ones!

We see enough motivational memes all day on social media platforms; we have one mind, one body, and we should look after them! Yes, l don’t deny that but equally – we have one planet we live on – if it’s gone, so are we!

l do what l can, and l passionately believe that we are ‘never too small to make a difference!’ I still have to work at it and remember that l can make a difference we can all make a difference – we don’t all have to be radical fundamentalists, fanatics, zealots or crusaders. Still, we can all do something about it and take a handle on our responsibility.

I tread carefully on our planet, leaving only my footprints in my wake. If everyone did the same, the impact of that alone would be huge – really huge!

There are many distinct ways to lessen your impact – notably electric, transport and diet – but on a more simplified and commercial basis, think of the three R’s – “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.”

“YOU are NEVER too small to make a difference!”

Below are some ideas to help only leave your footprints behind you

These are just a few hints, tips, and suggestions; many are available to the curious eye and many of us know many more – what are some of yours?

Send emails rather than paper cardsAlways recycle where you can
Be ever mindful of your plastic disposal – reuse where possibleBe aware of electrical appliances and the usage
Use rechargeable batteriesUse environmentally friendly household cleaning products
Save water where you canCollect rainwater to water your plants
Water your garden early morning/late evening to conserve moistureMake your garden pollinator attractive
Drive Less – look at alternatives to driving like using public transport, carpooling, walking or cycling Let clothing dry naturally
If possible, grow your own vegetables, fruits, herbsImproving your driving style – less speeding and unnecessary acceleration
Avoiding traffic where and when you can and sitting in queuesBuy and use fruits/vegetables that are in season
Eat less meatBuy local produce where you can
Don’t have your thermostat set too high or too low.If possible go plastic free
Defrost frozen food in the fridgeReuse kitchen waste with your organic compost
Remember to take your own bags for shoppingDon’t use chemicals. Try only to use natural remedies
Print on both sides of the paperBuy recycled paper
Turn off the lights in rooms that you are not using.If you are able to look into perhaps adding solar panels to the roof or the garden of your home

I hope you enjoyed the article – Thanks for reading it – catch you next time.

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8 thoughts on “Are You 3 Rs Minded?

  1. Thanks Rory for this post to raise awareness among us all about the effect we are having on the environment by even our smallest abuse. And thanks for sharing my poem.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I enjoy and share your reverence for our extraordinary Natural World. Picking up litter, educating kids about appreciation of Nature, gardening with an eye on doing-no-harm, and especially doing all I can to promote saving bees, bats, and amphibians from ignorant destructive practices BUT, I have a problem with anything suggested as a ‘global’ effort. Like our societal troubles, each person can (and should) do something in their immediate vicinity. When we start to believe that we can “save the world” (We’re quite puny compared to the ‘whole’ of Nature.). we are sucked into offering money to obscure causes instead of doing our own small part. Every habitat, like every local situation, requires different kinds of attention.
    IMHO…As I do with my own charitable donations, I give directly to someone needy OR hands-on roll up my sleeves. Political campaigns, organizations, and ’causes’ cannot (at all) be trusted to do the best thing for Nature (some are corrupt in their underlying workings too). [Have you seen the ‘raping’ of the landscapes for lithium?] Don’t get me started on all the destruction produced by modern “conservation” efforts. LOL
    -Most BIG IDEAS cause far more harm than good. –
    I agree totally that too many are unplugged and indifferent to being responsible ‘players’ in our natural world. But as for entrusting our wealth and efforts to proposals from arrogant ‘experts’, I’m against. To educate, appreciate, and affect, has to be done locally by many thoughtful minds and hands NOT by any global hysterical suggestions. 😉
    Your suggestions on personal helpful practices are wonderful. I hope those who implement them, and care, know that shipping one boatload of ‘dirty’ petroleum across the ocean instead of producing our own, cancels everything they’ve tried to do. The absurd global ‘Climate Change’ efforts are actually Nature’s current biggest threat. <Thanks for allowing me to vent.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Susan, you are very welcome to rant here – l am often the same – l yell what’s the point that we do this – when these vast companies do x, y and z or these damn celebrities who say ‘we care’ then go and do a, b and c??

      I was criticising myself only the other day for working the small difference magic in the garden, the allotment, and my volunteering and then looked at my clutter and thought, ‘oh bugger!” It’s because sometimes we are so focused on g, h and I that we miss some of our problems too.

      I no longer donate to anything more significant than my projects or, like you, to those who NEED it and will be able to use it to their benefit immediately – big companies can swing!

      Governments topple all their so-called excellent work for a quick buck!

      We have building plans over here that want to destroy green lands for more housing, yet up and down this country, we have thousands of empty properties …. yes, rant away because l know exactly what you mean 🙂

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  3. We have recycled for so long, I am unable to throw cans, bottles, papers away. My blue bin gets good use. As for conserving water… everyone who is born and raised in California knows to conserve water.
    We may not be able to change the world, but we can make a difference in our part of it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Excellent stuff. Do you not have the horrendous rains currently or is that just in the north? Should imagine there is no shortage of rain in certain parts of the territory.

      85% of the public here in the UK are excellent at recycling and yet despite all our efforts l am still staggered that we STILL send quad million tonns of the rubbish off to some other poor country when we should have better facilities here to take care of the situation.

      The governments want us to perform these tasks but don’t always back up their own ideals sadly.


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