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Welcome you to EWWW Quick Tips – that’s Earthen Wurmin’s Worm’s World to the unknowing – it’s a term l hear a lot from people when they first meet the worms and the compost and the compost worms “Ewww!”

So l figured, well, why not capitalise on that!

The quick tips series covers composting, gardening, hacks and other bits and bots too!

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Ewww Quick Tips Episode 4#
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Quick Hacks
Walking on Eggshells!

There are many uses for eggshells in the garden, gardening process, and composting.

A kitchen blender does a fantastic job of breaking them down to an even more efficient result than you might achieve by crushing them in your hands.

Eggshell adds calcium to the compost. It is a brilliant way of slow-releasing the nutrient to the heap. If you are a worm farmer adding crushed eggshells to your wormeries is also a terrific way to add a slow releaser to the residents and an excellent medium for reducing acidic levels in the soils becoming too excessive in the bins.

You can add them directly to the soil; eggshell also holds other nutrients such as sulfur, magnesium, potassium, sodium and organic matter. These are all huge benefits to be included in your gardening process, although l would suggest breaking them up before adding to the soil to as fine a grounding as you can, as they take time to break down naturally.

In the grounded fashion, the addition of eggshell dust can beneficially affect the soils, but in just the hand-crushed method, the inclusion to the earth does nothing.

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