Who Wants To Be An Entremanure?

Who wants to be entremanure?

When l say, I have worms!!

It is usually met with disdain or a bizarre look of curiosity, yet it’s a status thing in the world of compost! 

I have worms. I have long, short, fat, and skinny worms.

Composting is a dirty business; you work with end products, slimy worms, waste, dirt, and kitchen scraps. Yet the finished products, as in your compost, are like gold – often gardeners refer to it as ‘Brown Gold!”

Why compost??

There are many excellent reasons for you wishing and wanting to compost. 

Saving money is one of the first, especially if you are a gardener. Improving your soil with compost and reducing your environmental impact is another. 

You are doing your bit with conservation and the environment by becoming not just eco-friendly but an urban eco-warrior!

Looking at these things in detail might help you understand more.

You will improve your soil!
Compost is an organic return, as it enhances and improves your soil. You have worked the magic with your organic rubbish heap and nurtured an end product that will help boost the fertility of the grounds, yielding you a much higher return to your garden. 

Organic compost is a slow-releasing agent and will not burn your plants, vegetables and flowers as many chemical fertilisers and composts do.

You will be doing your bit to reduce your impact!

Instead of using chemical fertilisers, you only use organically grown mixtures from your waste. You do not have to bother using your transport to make runs to the town’s garbage dumps, releasing even more CO2 or carbon dioxides into the air. 

You are making excellent use of your waste products to create a brand new environmentally friendly product, completing the circle cycle – Waste – product – use – yield– harvest – waste!

10 FACTS!!

Composting reduces landfill waste.

Composting reduces dependency on fossil fuels. 

Composting is superb for your soils. 

You can compost virtually anything – plant waste, organic waste, kitchen waste, human waste, and other products.

Composting turns waste products into gold.

Composting helps to cultivate your plants.

Composting is fun.

Composting is easy peasy.

Composting is inexpensive.

Composting is healthy for you and your garden.

Soil Science Directory

I hope you have enjoyed this article, thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time. Till then, have yourselves a terrific day!

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5 thoughts on “Who Wants To Be An Entremanure?

  1. The floor of our woods is all compost and wherever you can dig, it goes feet deep. We don’t compost. Remaindered edibles — vegetables cutting and fruit — we throw out for the woodchuck and squirrels. There isn’t much other than that which really is compostable. We have finally reached a point where we actually cook about the right amount of food with virtually no leftovers, so other than piece of vegetables, there remarkably little. The floor of our woods is a GIGANTIC compost pile — and we have worms, too. Even rather chunky earthworms, which are are best of the worms. Yucky, but good for the soil.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Marilyn 🙂

      Well done for cooking the food with very little waste. Sue and l are like that also, we are not meat eaters so that is a significant difference to waste as well.

      But l collect wastes from my neighbours and l am often surprised by how much people do throw away and wastes from kitchens could be greatly reduced by a further 30% in some cases by many households.

      Natural woods even with additions from households for local wildlife are fantastic compost piles and one only has to uncover the top layers of leaf matter to see the bounty of wonderful organisms visible to the eye 🙂

      I love the chunky earthworms – the real earthworms, the ones from deep below 🙂


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