From What Ifs to What Else?

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Season 1 – Friday – 20/01/23

From What Ifs to What Else?

Suze’s thumbs up at the major furniture shift around achieved successfully with no broken fingers or toes stubbed!

This week has been one of those weeks, and we are only on Friday. By the time this is published, Suze and l will be down at the allotment. She will be clearing blackberry brush and shifting [maybe pending overnight frost] raspberry plants, and l will be attending to the compost’s second side. The usual additional suspects are coffee grounds, bags of shredded paper waste, cardboard, bokashi and several bags of green garden waste.

If it is sunny, l hope to clear the shed as it desperately needs significant tidying. Plus, we must start sorting out the sowing trays ready for the later winter sowings. We have a lot of seeds to make preparations.

Edward [next door] has said we could use his greenhouse, which is also a blessing, and most of the seedlings will start their lives in the house or now in his greenhouse.

The extra monies we make from the gardening job and the stuff we sell from the decluttering is to pay for a new chest freezer and the polytunnel.

The polytunnel we have our eyes on size-wise is 12 x 10 x 6 feet and is priced at around £650. We want to spend a bit more on it so it is stable and will not blow away to Kansas in the slightest puff of wind. We need the freezer to replace the smaller pedestal unit. We now have to store more of our vegetables and worm foods.

The funny thing about clutter and decluttering is that it starts to develop a life of its own after a while. I said only the other day to Eugenia that l swear the clutter is beginning to resemble something from the Triffids! It just grows and spreads!

The article l was reading suggested baby-stepping the whole process, and whilst sure, l think that is a great concept, that hardly happens because sorting the clutter out in a house starts a chain reaction of events. You are soon finding yourself in another room or under another cupboard. The cluttering cluster bomb is getting larger and larger!

When we started the process this week, we began in two prime areas – l was downstairs in the loungeroom, and Suze was upstairs in the spare bedroom. We then unwittingly progressed from merely being involved with decluttering to managing furniture shifting, and from cluttering and furniture shiftings, we further expanded into large-scale furniture moves!

Why stop at a when you can work with b too? Furthermore, why worry about a and b when you can also drag c into the equation? I dread how many more innocent alphabet members we will include in a simple box of what-ifs being cleared to what is now a full-scale evacuation of house components!

Hey, once you start to can’t stop till you are done!

On a small side note l sure would like to know why WP had to go and change the way we change the size of images in the block editor? Like what gives? You have the scaling for tables but no longer images? Well duh that’s hardly a logical move is it?

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