Nature Diary

Dusk arriving in Gazen Salts

Walking on water …

The sun setting over the Butts – above and below

Music Score – Sunset

Parakeets readying to roost high above Gazen Salts

Today was the first walk of the week that Suze and l had since sometime last week. So much for the non-NY resolution, is all l can say. I was astonished when l looked at my journal and saw no entries noting a walk. The last walk we took as a couple was Tuesday the 10th. This did surprise me. However, given the weather we have experienced since then, l shouldn’t be that surprised.

It’s been drier the last few days, yet having said that, it bucketed it down last night, and that wasn’t forecast. There was supposed to be no rain until next Wednesday, so hearing it last night was a surprise.

Okay, so no walks, but not ‘not’ busy, quite the opposite. Monday and Tuesday saw us being involved in decluttering and furniture shifts, and we mustn’t forget collecting and shipping the wood down to the allotment from Gazen Salts.

On Wednesday, l was at the reserve working on the new positioning of the compost heaps in the ‘garden’ in the morning. We were both working on the shifting decluttering tasks in the afternoon and evening.

Thursday was an entire morning working in the client’s garden on icy grounds, and Friday, we were both down at the allotment for most of the day working on an assortment of projects. Yesterday l had to dig into frozen grounds, injuring my back and pulling my knee.

Now my knee is the size of a pumpkin, and my back is better but slightly iffy. We had plans to be back at the allotment again today, but l decided not to do that and stay home and rest my injured parts. Maybe returning tomorrow afternoon.

Today, I was busy creating adverts on the Facebook marketplace to sell the bits we wanted to shift from a list growing by the day. I also cleaned out five empty Bokashi bins, which’ll not mean much to anyone else, but to me, l now have seven food bins back in the garden, which is about a month’s coverage.

More importantly, this means we don’t have to cart any of the Bokashi bins down to the allotment just yet and that further means the two tons of compost now down at the allotment will not need any fresh additions for a month.

There were considerable additions to the compost piles yesterday, so it will be a blessing for all concerned to wait to add additional waste, as there is no space at that inn for a while!

I will write about these things – allotment, reserve and Butchery – this coming week.

This week l was also working with my new publishing schedule, which is working okay. A friend emailed and asked what my new publishing schedule was.

Well, l still write content daily – Monday to Sunday. There are now only four ‘community greetings posts’. These are Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

When l am busy, like l have been this week, the maximum number of daily publishings will be one or two, and when less active, then two to three.

Last week, I decided to reduce the number of ‘fixed’ time schedules from three down to two and introduce a new flexy rota. Morning posts are usually no later than 08.45, with a mid to late morning postal time of 11.15 and a later afternoon/nighttime postal time of 17.55 – 21.15, which is the flexy rota. These allow me more freedom.

The Aloha is the new universal greeting post to replace Wildlife Greetings and Lasting Thoughts and carries two features – Morning Dawdler and Chat Time. I will hopefully have two interviews a week now, if possible. I have two lined up for this week, and a third one needing questions prepped, so if anyone is interested, drop me a line.

Plus, l veered the blog to reflect more on gardening and composting and so on subjects and marginally reduced the social side, which has not been as active as last week.

I introduced two new category series this week – The Authentic Recyclers and Soil Science. There are only two new series left to raise: Tales from the Apothecary and Vermicomposting Content.

However, all in all, l am happier with the new rota as it allows me more publishing freedom.

The photos were from today’s afternoon walk. The day was sunny and very cold, but Suze and l set off around half-three, just as the day started to get darker and the sun started to dip. The main bulk of the walk was in Gazen Salts which was terribly flooded and frozen much to the chagrin of the ducks, and a small part was on the Butts.

I hope you enjoy the photos, and thanks for reading.

Mallards curious about the whole walking on water …

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The long grasses of Gallow’s Field

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  1. These photos are amazing Rory. You’re always busy doing things at your allotment or on your blog. Very impressive my friend. It’s always good to read about your day and thoughts. Happy Sunday

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