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Welcome you to EWWW Quick Tips – that’s Earthen Wurmin’s Worm’s World to the unknowing – it’s a term l hear a lot from people when they first meet the worms and the compost and the compost worms “Ewww!”

So l figured, well, why not capitalise on that!

The quick tips series covers composting, gardening, hacks and other bits and bots too!

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Compost Tea

Compost Teas are an excellent little fertiliser for your gardens, which you can use on both your vegetables and herbs as well as on your flowers. They are rich in nutrients and microbes, which boost the overall healthy productivity of your plants and award them a unique resilience to pests and disease.

There are many ways you can make the ‘tea’. Fermenting or steeping in cold water for a length of time l have found one of the quickest and most efficient. A couple of scoops of compost or vermicast can either make ‘compost tea or worm tea’. There are also other variations like weed and nettle teas.

Once the fermenting process is over, strain your mixture through some fine gauze, old stockings or just a piece of cloth to NOT clog up your watering can.

The dilution ratio reflects the batch you have produced, but a good starting point is 1:10 – 1 part tea to ten parts water. Ideally, the colour needs to look like a nice cup of stinky herbal tea!

If in doubt, over dilute – as this mixture can prove harmful if not lethal to some plants and younger plants. If in doubt – 1:15 or 1:20 cut.

I have read that adding potash can dilute the smell, and as it contains potassium, it will not harm the overall mixture.

Compost Tea Benefits

* Promotes growth and blooming of plants,
* Increases yields of vegetables and houseplants alike,
* Can protect plants again disease,
* Can encourage microbial activity to the garden
* Can add much-needed nutrient richness to your soils.

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