Tales from Gazen Salts

The start of something bigger …

Season 3
To the untrained eye this pile of twigs looks exactly like just that – a pile of twigs and yet, this is the start to something much bigger – pretty much like my day today.

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Views from the Natural Wildlife Garden last week.

I had been fighting specific conflicts concerning Gazen Salts for several months, and some of you may recall an episode where l discussed my concerns and if l was going to stay at the reserve as a volunteer.

I can’t say for 100% certainty that l am, but l can say with some positivity that things are looking brighter than they were, which could well mean l do stay on as an active trustee.

There were a few prime concerns l had issues with – one of which was the committee that runs the reserve, which comprises committee members and trustees. I wasn’t overly impressed with the overall functioning of the top management of the committee itself.

Especially given some decisions over the last ten months made to migrate dying fish from another area of Sandwich into a conservation reserve like Gazen Salts. I can’t go into too many details. Still, this movement caused significant and lasting damage to all the conservation work performed by all volunteers with hands-on work with the wildlife environment.

Since Sunday, l have had several thought-provoking conversations with several committee members concerning my concerns as well as the future of the reserve and what the direction would be for the charity given the implications of the sudden resignation of the Chair last Saturday and what knock-on effects this might create for all involved.

There is still much to discuss. However, one of the other concerns l had was over a squirrel’s untimely and rather brutal death. I have been assured this matter has been dealt with and will not be an issue of further concern.

I also discussed in depth that l had been considering leaving the volunteer role and walking away from Gazen Salts, given how passionate and angry l was at the fish’s arrival and the squirrel’s passing.

That l also felt somewhat disappointed that l had seemingly been snubbed in my application for the warden of Gazen Salts position. No one even bothered to acknowledge it and that it was more important to be seen to hire someone of David Attenborough’s calibre for £10 an hour than someone who had worked the reserve as a volunteer for well over a year.

I spoke to one of the conservationists in depth today about all the things mentioned above. More admittedly, and I returned from the conversation feeling better about things than l had done before we talked. So that is a good thing. We discussed several plans that could be in motion following the council elections in May, which would reflect well for the charity itself and more so than under the current government, especially in funding consideration.

So for the moment, l will still be a trustee of the committee and a volunteer at Gazen Salts and whilst l may not be a warden for the moment, that is not entirely off the books in the future and if not, l will still be in a better position regarding learning and experiences gained that will serve my gardening business Earthly Comforts well without presenting conflicts of interest.

Well, as they say, it’s not what you know first that matters but who and then secondly, it is what you know that wins the day. Staying on is more beneficial than leaving. I will have until May or June this year to decide on this further.

It is undoubtedly more helpful to me to be part of this project than not, and with the more recent changes in the way the committee is to be managed and with the promise of a new forward-thinking Chair person l feel that finally, Gazen Salts will be able to make the impact it needs to present to Sandwich Town.

I have several responsibilities as both a volunteer working on various projects as well as an active trustee working for the betterment of the Gazen Salts branding, and, admittedly whilst, before today’s conversation, l would have walked away from it all without hesitation if needed even with sadness and heavy heart, l am glad that for the moment that is not going to be the case.

It does mean that l can still work on my commitments to the charity and for Gazen Salts, which l personally derive a lot of passion for and with. Such as the gardening and the composting and the training and education elements that travel side by side and hand in hand with them.

So despite the bleakness of the weather, today was a good day. Next time l will discuss in length the projects l am working on in the Natural Wildlife Garden [its official name] with my composting and the Hügelkultur [pronouned hoogle culture] refugia hedge, which is to be more like a living or even layered fortification that is to be at the back of the garden on the bank of the Guestling stream.

I don’t often say this … but l am quite excited by it all.

Designs – Earthly Comforts – Inspired by Nature – see collection here

Tales from Gazen Salts Nature Reserve is about my time and stories of my voluntary work with this project.

I’ll see you next episode. Thanks for reading.

Gazen Salts Nature Reserve
Sandwich, Kent, England, UK

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17 thoughts on “Tales from Gazen Salts

  1. It’s wonderful when a day takes a turn for good and it makes me happy to read about it!
    Far too often things go “pear shaped” and we forget how the pendulum can swing the other way.
    Thanks for the reminder, and congrats on not having to walk away from something that is near & dear!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well l will still be watching everything like a hawk, but at least now l don’t have to stress about it all. The new change in management will be different and we will have to see how that impacts the volunteering.


  2. Wow you are handling all that VERY nicely 👏👏👏 that’s how you do it!!

    Look at you being all amazing!!

    You are always amazing… but you always think you not fit society… look you owning it 👏👏👏 very very nice!! Good job on ALL of it!!

    I am excited for you!!! 👏👏

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Is always good to be patient and observe for awhile – know the territory you walk in ✌️

        And is good to speak mind! 😊👏

        I think you did very well from sounds of it 👏👏

        And yeah – never bottle anything – when shaken … it explodes

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I am so glad to hear this, Rory! It’s obvious you enjoy being involved with Gazen Salts and I hope all works out for you. I’m impressed you spoke your mind and now only time will tell. Best of luck to you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I meant to write a longer response than l did Eugenia, but l sneezed and hit send.

      Yes l am thankful that l spoke my mind, l was getting all worked up and volatile about everything and was set to explode. so l am glad l spoke up about it finally.


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