A Wild Aloha To You!

A Wild Aloha To You!
Remember to be yourself – everybody else is already taken

Music –Dream

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.”

Charles R. Swindoll

Pentaglottis is a monotypic genus of flowering plants in the family Boraginaceae. It is represented by a single species, Pentaglottis sempervirens, commonly known as the green alkanet, evergreen bugloss or alkanet, and is a bristly, perennial plant native to Western Europe

Wilding Thoughts

“If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.”
Napoleon Hill
“Success only comes to those who dare to attempt.”
Mallika Tripathi
“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”
E.E. Cummings
“You are your best thing.”
Toni Morrison

Chat Time
The new mini-interview series.

9 Lifestyle-orientated questions with a leaning also towards your blog genre will be asked of you and appear in the A Wild Aloha To You! series published Monday and Friday 5.55 pm

Cape Henlopen State Park

Life With The Top Down

I had to revisit the early days of my blog. It all began on March 4, 2012, an eternity ago, but here we are. It all started when my husband came home with a convertible. To say this shocked me would be an understatement. Looking back, we were both growing into ourselves. The kids were off in their direction, and so were we. My blog was a way to express my feelings, tell stories, and try something new. My style is not formal; it’s words on a page that hopefully resonate. My favorite genre is humor and storytelling.

The photo is from a trail in Cape Henlopen State Park that I took on New Year’s Day.


Where is your favourite outdoor space, and what makes it unique?  

 I could never narrow this down to just one, so I’ll give you two from my top 5. 

New York City because I leave with a tremendous amount of energy every time I visit. It’s a melting pot of people from all walks of life who collectively make up something special. I love the theatre, Central Park, the architecture, and the liveliness at every corner. What makes it unique? The energy.

Cape Henlopen State Park is a new place for me to love. It is 5,193 acres of beauty that is minutes from my home. I’m still being introduced to all it has to offer, but from what I experienced to date, I absolutely love the variety it provides, from beaches to bike trails to wildlife preserves. What makes it unique? The natural beauty. 

What are your most popular types of blog posts?  

The true stories I’ve shared, especially those that were vulnerable and funny. Nothing like sharing an embarrassing moment to grab the attention of an audience. 

What Personality Trait Has Gotten You In The Most Trouble?  

My sense of humor. I’m a goner if something strikes me, especially at an inappropriate time. Church, school, work, whew, nothing is off limits. 

What subjects are you knowledgeable on that would surprise people about you?   

The law, specifically Bankruptcy and Medical cases. I worked for the Federal Court for a decade before working at several prominent law firms. The law followed me into the next chapter of my work world by allowing me to review medical malpractice cases. The physician I worked for was an expert witness for several law firms. Now, it has crept up again in my current place of employment with court-ordered mental health evaluations. It fascinates me that some aspect of the legal world always finds me. 

How would you describe your home?  

My home is an extension of us. New, old, happy, warm and loved. 

Do you have a rebellious streak, and if so, how does it show itself?  

 Yes, I can be stubborn, which usually comes out when I wholeheartedly believe I am correct. Look out if it has anything to do with the injustice of women, children, or the elderly. 

Are you a firm believer in the power of Yes?  

 Firm is a little strong, a believer 100%. Now, if only I could implement that more into my daily life. 

Which detective do you like the best in film, television or literature, or all forms, and what makes them great?  

 Considering the number of Law & Order episodes I’ve consumed, my first answer is Detective Stabler and Detective Benson. As a child, I loved Kojack as a kid. I wonder if it was because he always had a lollipop in his mouth, that I watched it religiously with my dad, that he bent the rules to get the bad guys or all of the above. Who loves ya, baby? 

How environmentally friendly are you, and what eco changes have you made to your life?  

 I try to be as friendly as possible. I volunteer my time to clean-ups, recycle, and set an example. A minimal change I’ve made that had a significant impact is packing my utensils for lunch. This is one that caught on in the workplace. I love when positive changes are contagious. When we purchased this house, we upcycled almost everything—buying second-hand furniture or changing existing pieces into something new. I have become more open to reusing, recycling, and preserving than I was in the past. 

There we go, folks; l hope you enjoyed Chat Time with Lisa and may we wish you a lovely day in all that you do.

Unsure if a mini-interview is right for you?

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How the process works is simple l will email you fifteen mixed lifestyle+ questions that l think will be of interest to you, and all you have to do is select nine of your choice and answer those.

If this appeals, let me know below or email me direct your interest to theautisticcomposter@gmail.com with Cuppa Chat as the title and include topics of interest so that l can better offer you the right questions.

Many thanks.
Rory Matier

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    1. One that sticks out is I was in a Catholic church, and during the collection, the ushers would use these long baskets to extend down the pew so people could drop in their money. As I watched the usher work his magic with the basket, I noticed he kept clipping the back of some people’s heads. I lost control and was asked to leave—just one of many moments.

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