Best of the Month

The contrasting colours of dusk over Gallow’s Field

January, the first month of the year. A perfect time to start all over again. Changing energies and deserting old moods. New beginnings, new attitudes.

Charmaine J Forde

Best of the Month – of January 2023

Reflective Moments on the River Stour

Colours of the Night Time Day

Of the many beauties of our world, l can but say,
Nothing compares to the colours of night-time day,
Magical glimpses captured by the eyes,
Of moments that stop still between changing skies,
When dawn becomes day and dusk becomes night,
Vibrancy blending into stunning delights,

Sunsets and next day risings, l have seen in plenty,
Immersing me into an atmosphere of undisputed serenity,
Jewelled offerings from Mothers’ finest canvas,
Displayed honestly and openly to the unbelievers,
Exciting those of us who have followed in time,
Watching in awe at yet another remarkable awakened climb,

From golden dawning to evening shadows dancing,
Never failing me does she, in her portrait entrancing,
Horizons constantly glimmering from her unseen creativity,
Providing viewers with colourfully paraded festivities,
Night time day productions from around our world,
Dazzling the romantically inclined as her fingers unfurl,

Revealing radiance that painters desire,
When looking for inspiration to ignite their fires,
She fails us not for delivering within our gazing,
Astounding palettes of such splendour and sparkling blazing,
Twice daily, she performs this beauty of our skies,
Artistically comparing to none, yet always a new surprise,

I have seen the sunrise and sunsets in many countries,
And consistently she has never failed to please me,
Will be this way l should imagine for the rest of my time,
Following her pathway, l will pen many to rhyme,
l am in love with her ability to please me this way,
Showing me the beauties of colours of the night-time day.

© Rory Matier 2016
Updated 2023

Music – Adventure

Welcome to Best of the Month

I take hundreds of photographs each and every month – either out and about walking around the town of Sandwich or around Kent county where l live, whilst in the garden or the allotment or even when volunteering.

I take photographs of all sorts of things as well, from the typical and the normal to the more unusual or the quirky to the ‘ooh that’s different’.

This series is literally about moments l have captured during my travels whilst out with my cameras that l thought other people may appreciate also.

I hope you’ll enjoy the series.

Check out – Best of the Month Directory

January 2023

Looking down Quay Lane from Fisher Street – Sandwich

A bit later than planned publishing-wise, but only by a couple of days and as they say, better later than never.

January was another quiet month concerning walking and taking photographs. Suze and l were occupied elsewhere and with other things, and we only managed to get a handful of walks in.

Delays to quiet time walks were caused by wet or icy weather, working in the allotment or the client’s garden or just over at Gazen Salts and making the big switches in Willow. Sure, there were a few photos taken for country walks; however, plenty of other images were taken elsewhere.

Anyway, from the small number taken for B.O.T.M, l hope you enjoy the selection chosen for this episode.

Eastern Grey Squirrel

Looking Up and Down Bell Lane – Sandwich

Dusk over the Ropewalk

Woodnesborough Road

Fisherman’s Wharf

The contrasting colours of cut grasses, winter hedging and cut willow saplings on Gallows Field

Dusk on the Ropewalk

I had to include this image ….whilst minding my own business when working on the client’s garden l heard behind me “Why don’t these bloody hats stay on my head?!”

Looking around l discovered the living gnome and l couldn’t help but laugh.Suze has a small head almost like a child’s head when it comes to hats and the woolly bobble hats have a mind of their own and are always slipping down well over her eyes!

Robbie the Red Breasted Robin
(Erithacus rubecula)

Selected Best of January Photograph

The European robin, known simply as the robin or robin redbreast in Great Britain & Ireland, is a small insectivorous passerine bird that belongs to the chat subfamily of the Old World flycatcher family. It is found across Europe, east to Western Siberia and south to North Africa; it is sedentary in most of its range except the far north.

Robbie is quite the character in the Willow garden and when ever l am out and about he os she and in this photo it is she comes down to within a few feet of me and sings me a song or grabs my attention and lets me know that the half shell suets need changing. There was a series of photos and you can see two of them below in addition to the one that l have selected as the best of January.

Designs – Earthly Comforts – Inspired by Nature – see collection here

Published by The Autistic Composter

Earthly Comforts is a wildlife journaling scrapbook focusing on the countryside, wildlife biodiversity and environmental conservation, flora and fauna volunteering projects, gardening, composting and vermiculture, inspiration, poetry and photography.

6 thoughts on “Best of the Month

  1. Your poem is lovely, Rory, and as Sadje commented, uplifting. I love your photography because you have a keen sense to detail and the ability to capture uniqueness in the ordinary.


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