If it’s not nailed down…

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Season 1 – Saturday – 04/02/23

If it’s not nailed down…

Suze has used this line with me in jest for the last few weeks, and if not that, she tells her friends, “Rory’s new line is “Everything MUST go!”

It’s nearly four weeks since l woke up one morning early last month and decided that Willow needed a significant decluttering and shuffle around, and it’s been non-stop on that notion since then.

We have sold nearly £1000 worth of products from this house and have taken a dozen bags of unwanted goods over to the charity stores in the town.

We are about 75% done with the overall decluttering project, and more or less 90% finished with the furniture shifting. There are only a few items left to move around between the rooms furniture-wise to make spaces more efficient. And yes, some rooms now look barren compared to how they looked a month ago.

But that is what happens when a lightbulb moment ignites in your head space and tells you that you don’t need this anymore. If any of you remember when l first moved into this house in early summer 2020, you will also not forget how vibrantly colourful the rooms looked.

Well, Willow has changed since then, and more importantly, so have l as an individual; l am no longer that person that first moved here.

Many items have been sold off, and OK, in today’s climate, you’ll not get what you paid for them initially, but l am OK with that. I want the stuff gone so l can move on with the next phase of my life.

It also makes it easier if Suze and l decide to move into a smaller house, we don’t need a three-bedroom property in the centre of town, but a two-bedroom just outside would be more than ample. Having way less clutter is a great start if we decide to perform this move.

I was curious about what triggered this all. What possessed me to start this enormous change in my life? I am not as bad regarding change as l used to be, although the recent Windows 11 module is a bit stressful but manageable. I am a lot calmer these days regarding changes.

The move around in Willow hasn’t been slight but hugely significant and profound, too, in some ways. From the many pictures on the walls to very few, from vibrantly colourful to only marginally now.

I am pleased with the improvements and the progression, and there is still stuff to sell; l think we could finish off with around £1500, which is to be dedicated to a new and additional stand-up freezer, a polytunnel, shelving for the latter and some extra bark chips. It’s all being ploughed back into what will potentially become a business and business related.

It was that realisation that what l wanted to do as a business meant that we would be outside more than inside and that we could get all the enjoyment outdoors rather than staying all the time indoors. What was the point of hanging on to stuff we didn’t need?

I will write a funny poem when it’s all done and finished mentioning all sales, changes, and shifts. But Suze is right. If it’s not nailed down, it might be advised to quake a little when l approach and feast my eyes in that direction.

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23 thoughts on “If it’s not nailed down…

  1. I really did my best. I spent years selling our stuff online. I actually turned it into a business for five years and made some money, too. Then, my son came here to help us as we get older and can’t do a lot of the work we used to do — and to be fair, Garry was never very good at it anyway, even when he was a lot younger. Owen is still in the “collecting” stage and I just gave up.

    Everywhere I’d managed to make some room, he has filled with chiming clocks, antique Victrolas, trains and miniature steam engines — and about a million 78 rpm records. He’s going to inherit the house and so in the end, the stuff he collects will be the stuff he has to deal with in HIS future. I did my best.

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    1. Oh, l so hear you on that note, Marilyn.

      I remember many years ago helping my father declutter [he was a notorious hoarder], and we made a big difference. He died in 2018, which was eight years after the famous declutter.

      I cleared the estate, and it was like 2010 declutter had never happened.

      Suze’s cousin is a massive hoarder and so much, so she wants to move house to get more space .. her philosophy is ‘others can clear my mess when l am dead’. It could be a better philosophy, sadly.

      There’s no value in anything anymore, unlike there was before. Five years, ten years ago, materials had more return … now they don’t. As you know and tried, the answer was to get them gone whilst money could still be made on them.

      Some people don’t get it because they don’t have to think about it, but their time will come. Suze’s cousin doesn’t want to think about it all. Her others will be Suze and l, who have to clear it all out, and her antiques of today will be unwanted clutter tomorrow.


      1. Some of my clutter has real value, if not monetary than because it is very old and irreplaceable. I have pottery from Dynasties going all the back to Sui, Han, Tang and more — sometimes thousands of year. I don’t WANT money. I just want to keep them from becoming trash.

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      2. That is the big issue, some of Suze’s cousin’s antiques are just that they are antinques, they have value, but if they are to retain that value, theny need to not be hoarded and kept with rubbish.

        My father at one point had some very expensive books with historical value and because he became a clutterbug they became mouldy and worthless.


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