You can’t teach an old dog new tricks…

Fascinating Musings
Season 1 – Sunday – 05/02/23

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.
.. Well, you can. It just takes longer.

I am not a fan of Windows 11 – l have only just allowed the install. Okay, admittedly, it is early days, and in truth, it doesn’t affect me a great deal or impact my day per se as a desktop user … except it doesish.

It dramatically impacts and detrimentally affects how l handle my photography via editing and resizing. It has made 1] sadly everything much more complex than the simplicity it used to be and 2] taken away the creative filters l enjoyed using.

I don’t use many filters with my photographs, but sometimes an overlay filter awards more edge or contrast to an image, and they have now gone. I am currently looking for a simple but effective editing system for Canon. I’m not too fond of anything unnecessarily complicated. I like things to be bare, l am not into extensive photo editing like some people use, and l don’t use techniques like that.

But that is the main issue with Windows 11 for me. It has taken the simplicity out of everyday chores and made them convoluted.

It annoys me that l wasn’t given the choice of when l wanted to update, and whilst l had selected a much later date than last Friday evening so l could research Win11, it was apparent that the update wasn’t happy with my later date choice and things were ‘off’ with certain parts of the visuality of the screen.

Therefore, l knew the update twinkling in the corner of the screen was the culprit.

So l had to update to get my settings right again.

There are features l am not overly thrilled about – like the icons now sitting in the middle of the screen, whereas mine used to be on the far left and yet Win11 insists they can’t move, telling me that it doesn’t like being flexible. Luckily l have two OS on this PC and a large enough screen to have them open at once, but it doesn’t like that either.

It’s like Win11 is anti-Win10, and l know that some people have uninstalled 11 for their beloved 10 and l can understand that sentiment too well, but hey, it is what it is, and l have to retrain myself to take it on board.

Overall it’s a manageable issue for me, but the photo-editing has annoyed me somewhat. I will source a photography editing tool that is Rory Friendly.

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17 thoughts on “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks…

  1. I do like Mr. Squirrel up there. I can’t comment on your computer woes because I dumped Microsoft 20 years ago. Admittedly MAC’s have their own problems – mostly that programs I used – mostly photo editing as it happens, don’t work on Apple OS. I’ve got a bunch of free on-line photo editing programs bookmarked and they are complex – more than I need or want – but they also serve me well on the more simple end. Apple has done the same thing Microsoft has done – changed perfectly wonderful, easy-peasy applications to “new and better” which made them more difficult and useless, at least to me. iMovie used to be so easy and intuitive to use, now the new version is basically a waste of space on my hard drive. Quite frankly their office apps – pages, numbers etc are total crap. MS office apps were far and away better (by a long shot). I use Libre Office now and it is just a duplicate of MS Office apps. Why do companies insist on improving that which needs no improvement?

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    1. Hey Grace, apparently companies who fix things that aren’t broken do so to progress and keep ahead of the game ….. that might be the case for them, but for me it’s just a right piss take.

      Thank you for the email, l will look into that 🙂

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  2. Luckily the machine I am using for windows, can’t update, its still on win 10, but I also use a mac, so when I can no longer use win 10 I guess I’ll have to use my mac full time, unless I can get a used win 10 machine…

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    1. Hey Carol Anne 🙂

      It’s a challenge for sure. we all have to find what works best for us. I have learned more and more people are anti-Win11 because of the dramatic changes from 10.

      Apparently this newer version is better than the first version which was absolutely horrendous … eeek, glad l didn’t install then.

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  3. Windows 11 is most confusing, IMO. I use the File Explorer feature for everything I do – from images to documents and more and it is the most difficult to organize. Regarding the Taskbar, go to settings, personalization, taskbar, scroll down to taskbar behaviors and there is an option to move the icons to the left. 🙂

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  4. Losing my filters was the pits. I am still using Topaz filters — their “new” (and very much still under development Photo AI, plus Denoise AI, Sharpen AI, and Adjust AI. But I used to be able to do all kind of things with the old filters. And I use Photoshop because it’s still the best of the processors — expensive and often annoying, but non-destructive. I’ve used a lot of processing software and I always wind up back with PS because everything else has a lot of distortion and other issues — OR it’s so complicated, I can’t figure out how it is used.

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    1. Oh yes new fangled and so called progression in my world is just overkill regarding complication.

      We live in a so called world that wants everything simple and conveniently at the end of their fingertips and YET we have complexities like this that blatantly destroy pleasant simplicities … err am l missing something?

      I will have a look at PS which is something l never looked at before admittedly.

      And yes, losing filters was the pits. I agree.


      1. Photoshop is expensive. My son gifted it to me — a permanent birthday gift. Otherwise, I really don’t know what I would have done as my old version of it on disc won’t run on Win 11. However, expensive it may be, but I don’t know anything else that does as clean a job as PS. It’s a bloated overpriced pain in the butt, but — it works.

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      2. I have recently discovered BIRME which has become my new resizer. Everything used to be in house and now it’s not.

        With Win10 – l could edit, filter if required and resize and then l would ship over to TinyPNG to compress.

        With Win11 all l have left in house is edit and now everything else has to be sourced externally. But even editing has become harder – l used to be able edit in bulk, but now l have to edit every single photo on a singukar basis even annoyingly from the same batch.

        I could take thirty photos and in one sitting go through each in the same folder and edit but now l must edit, close down, reopen folder and edit again!

        Like what is that all about?


      3. Photoshop lets you do it in bulk. I don’t because I am trying to keep the number of pictures down to a more manageable level. But that kind of bulk work is one of the thing PS I famous for doing very well.

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