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Welcome you to EWWW Quick Tips – that’s Earthen Wurmin’s Worm’s World to the unknowing – it’s a term l hear a lot from people when they first meet the worms and the compost and the compost worms “Ewww!”

So l figured, well, why not capitalise on that!

The quick tips series covers composting, gardening, hacks and other bits and bots too!

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Comfrey Tea

Comfrey has two primary purposes – organic gardening and organic medicinal as in herbal properties. In so far as the garden goes, this wonderfully versatile plant serves the gardener well with mulching and soil enrichment, fertilisers, composting activators, as well as accelerator primers and gardening teas.

You can gather the leaves up, dry them, and then shred or crush them to act as a nutritious leaf mould potting compost material.

The comfrey leaves are famous for the amount of potassium they hold, which is nearly three times more than farmyard manure – which is extraordinary! But equally, they are rich in phosphorus and nitrogen, and when all three are combined, this makes for an ideal growing medium for plants.

The other beauty to the comfrey is that it can be harvested quite progressively during the season, and the leaves will regrow.

You can add comfrey leaves directly to the compost heap, and they will act as an activator, speed up the decomposition, and promote the healing process.
You can also use comfrey leaves to make a comfrey tea. A similar process to other compost styled teas.

Harvest plant leaves, chop up or add whole to a watertight bin or container and add sufficient water to cover the leaves themselves and cover.

Leave to steep for between 4 – 8 weeks, and hey presto – your comfrey tea will be ready!

However, a word of warning – when making any of these fertiliser/compost teas, have your containers outback somewhere – they can make quite noxious and nauseous smells!.

There is no need to dilute this mixture – you can either add the rotted leaves to your compost and dig over or continue to add fresh leaves to the container leaving the old ones in.

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